Family is so important to me. As I sit here this morning at our local coffee shop, I thank God and my husband for allowing me to have the opportunity to stay home and raise my boys. They run around with energy that astounds me, I wish I could bottle it up and use it for myself. They order a chocolate coffee (hot cocoa) like they are grown-ups already. They grow up too fast and soon they will be grown men going off to college or ready to get married. Please just slow down time… take that deep breath….don’t get overly angry at them….. it will be ok…cherish those moments. This is the mantra that I tell myself when life gets chaotic. It is so easy to lose your temper, and to be honest sometimes parenting is hard. My husband is a high school teacher, part time college professor, football coach, baseball coach and daddy lol. He is gone a lot, leaving me to care for our 3 boys. Sometimes I feel as though I am a single mom, which is hard! I have so much respect for those who have to do it alone, work and be the mom and dad. I don’t know how I would do it without the support and respect that my husband gives me. He works so hard, and I cherish every moment that we have with him and my kids.

Family is the pinnacle of my existence and I can’t wait to share our crazy stories with you!


2ecb3b677be2a5cdee0792b613ed99edPicture courtesy of!


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