Beyond Suffering Bible~ Review



There is hardly a person who doesn’t know someone dealing with a disability, disease, chronic illness, or other form of personal suffering. The Beyond Suffering Bible is the first study Bible to directly address those who suffer and the people who love and care for them. From bestselling author, singer, and radio host Joni Eareckson Tada and the experts at Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability, the Beyond Suffering Bible is filled with thousands of notes and features that invite readers into a conversation about suffering and its place in each person’s life. Each feature has been carefully created to provide readers with valuable information, meaningful encouragement, and challenging applications as they encounter God’s Word.



This is a really awesome bible! I love bibles, I have several already but when I see a new one to review I jump at the chance to do so! Bibles are amazing and honestly there are so many available these days that you can find just about any style you could ever want!

This one is a large book with nice size print. It has reading plans available and also has chapters laid out into handy little sections that refer to specific scriptures such as: how to seek God in suffering, trusting God, temptation, success and many others. It also has a nice introduction to the New Living Translation. There is also little connection points interspersed throughout the chapters that help connect what you are reading on that page to something you have already read.

It is a very nice bible! It also has a free resource website!

I will be recommending it! I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Bible Journaling~~~ It’s AMAZING!



This is the book that we are covering in my new bible study group! It is amazing!! It covers most of Ephesians, and not only is it biblically informative but it is a great creative outlet. It is a great way to better understand the bible! Each week we go through the selected week, which takes about 30 minutes, and then we journal! It is a short and sweet get togehter among friends that is not only fun but it is educataional!

If you haven’t tried out bible journaling, you should! It is totally awesome and a great way to get to know your bible even more! There are many resources out there, especially Pinterest! It is a very popular thing to do now, and if you are not creative there are plenty of ready to color pages out there that are easily printed out.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fun things that we did during this study! If you are interested in purchasing the book for your bible study group or for yourself the links are below!!






















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God Bless!


“Every Season Prayers” Scotty Smith





Are you ever at a loss when it comes to what to say in your prayers?

Every Season Prayers offers a treasure trove of prayers that will lead you into a more intimate relationship with God. Topically arranged so you can easily find the sentiments that match your needs, this delightful book includes prayers for:

· everyday concerns, from health and relationship issues to expressing gratitude
· voicing our feelings, stories, and struggles to God
· listening to the heart of God
· congregational confession and worship
· Advent, Lent, and Passion Week
· and more

No matter what your season of life or your daily reality, you will find a prayer you can lift up to God.

“It’s an extremely rare book that you want to carry with you, that you always want to have within arm’s reach. This is one of those rare books.”–Ann Voskamp, New York Timesbestselling author of One Thousand Gifts and The Greatest Gift

“Our journey through deepest valleys and over highest mountains has been lined with the prayers of Scotty Smith.”–Steven Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth Chapman

“This book will be a devotional anchor for me for the rest of my life.”–Steve Brown, broadcaster; founder of Key Life Network; author of How to Talk So People Will Listen

“Scotty faithfully transcribes the heart of Christ and applies it to the whole of life by way of petition, lament, struggle, and celebration.”–Charlie Peacock, professor, Lipscomb University; music producer (Switchfoot, The Civil Wars, Chris Cornell)


About the Author:

Scotty Smith is founding pastor of Christ Community Church (PCA) in Franklin, Tennessee. He is now teacher in residence at West End Community Church (PCA) in Nashville. He is the author of several books, including Everyday Prayers as well as Unveiled Hope with Michael Card and Speechless and Restoring Broken Things with Steven Curtis Chapman.



Scotty Smith is such a wonderfully animated writer, inspirational and witty. He is well known for his blog Heavenward, and his other book Everyday Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel-Centered Faith.

This is a such a great book! It would work for individual study or read as a full length book. Sometimes we just need help figuring out our individual style of prayers, sometimes we have so much jumbled up in our brains we can’t find the right words to put into prayers. This is a great starting point for anyone, the beginner or the seasoned prayer warrior. It has a prayer literally for every occasion. There are 12 chapters, each one a prayer for a different purpose. Within each of these chapters you find several different subcategories for the type of prayer you need. It is funny and insightful, the way that he words the prayers give me a renewed sense of hope and made me giggle a time or two.

With so many different prayer categories and subcategories it can easily be read as a daily devotional or as a complete read through. I enjoyed reading it section by section, there is so much that this book has to offer and it really needs to be taken a section at a time. It is like any other devotional and takes time to read, process and study but in this case we are putting what we read into actions. We are using it to guide our talks with God, to help us get out the things that we need help with, to help us reconnect with God on a deeper level. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family. It’s a wonderful book and it would make a great gift.

I received a free copy of this book from the Baker Books Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

“41 Will Come” Chuck E. Tate



About the Author:



Chuck E. Tate is the founder and lead pastor of RockChurch, a growing and thriving congregation in the heart of Illinois. Before planting RockChurch in 1998, Chuck worked for a national youth ministry in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chuck and his wife, Annette, are the parents of Savannah and Ashton.



In the Bible, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. But day 41 came, and the rain stopped. The people of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. Then year 41 came, and a new generation entered the Promised Land. For 40 days, Goliath bullied Israel and dared anyone to fight him. Day 41 came, and David slew the giant.

Do you see the theme? Don’t quit. Don’t give up. God will come through for you.

Perhaps you’re stuck in a downpour or lost in one of life’s deserts. Maybe you’re facing someone or something that could take you down. No matter where you are on your journey, your 41 will come- it’s on its way.

A bold declaration of faith, 41 Will Come is a shot of encouragement and hope for everyone in the midst of life’s battles.



This book is fabulous!!! I took so many notes while reading, he has so much to say and it is worth remembering. Not only does he reference the bible throughout the book, but he also brings in the voices of MC Hammer, Verizon Wireless, Taylor Swift, his friends and family and so many more. He keeps you hopping throughout the whole book. You never know where he will lead you next, but you definitely want to hang on for the ride. It has a flow to it that makes you want more!

Fight your battles and slay that “giant” he says, trust in God irregardless of what is happening he says. Sometimes this is harder said than done, and honestly I believe the author understands that. He lays out a  plan for our battle and the defeat of our “giant”. He explains to us that we have to identify the giant, whether it’s a large or small one doesn’t matter, but we have to know what it is we are fighting against. We have to understand the game plan, we have to be strategic, and we have to win. I have several “giants” that need to be slain, after reading this book, I feel like I finally can start to plan my first moves against my “giants”.

This book made me cry from the very beginning, they were tears of joy and understanding. They were tears of let’s do this and fight those battles. He is an amazing author and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The personal accounts from himself and his friends/loved ones were uplifting and inspirational. It gave a personal feeling to the book. I literally felt like I had been setting down for coffee with this man. It was amazing and I will definitely be keeping it around for future readings.

Favorite Quotes from this book:

“Listen with ears of faith. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of your giant dropping.”

“When you have a setback, don’t take a step back. God has already prepared your comeback.”-Tim Storey

“Haters gonna hate, doubter gonna doubt, giants gonna fall.”


Great book! I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know!! A big thank you to Tyndale Publishing for allowing me to review!



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My New Obsession!!! Bible Journaling

I don’t know if you are all up to date with all the amazing new trends out there! I know I’m not! BUT, one of the ones I have seen is Bible Journaling!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

Soooooo……I bought what I thought that I wanted right before Christmas and unfortunately it was not what I wanted (online purchases sometimes don’t come as expected!!). So I left it  to sit in a drawer unused and unloved. THEN… day at our local coffee shop I found an awesome bible that was just what I wanted! It was beautiful, had a cover that was silky soft and beautifully decorated in flowers of all colors, a bird and a butterfly and to top it off it had pre-decorated pages ready for coloring inside! I was a little taken aback as I turned this gorgeous bible over and seen how much it cost. I’m a cheapskate sometimes, which is not surprising if you know what it’s like to live on a teacher’s salary. (that’s a whole different blog post that I’ll rant about later) But this bible called my name for weeks as it set on this beautiful display surrounded by other coffee related items and Francine Rivers books (also another favorite author). Each time I went to visit the shop for a nice cup of hot joe, it stared at me beckoning me to touch its silky smooth cover and fill it with my favorite passages in the wide note spaces on each side of the delicate pages.

Soooooo did I buy it??????

Of course I did! But not until almost a month after I first laid eyes on this beauty!!! It’s amazing and worth every penny. It has been such fun so far reading the easy to read passages (it’s an NLT version, which I have never had and it’s awesome!!) and coloring a few pages. Of course I haven’t made it too far yet. Kids and such, you know make it difficult!

So here are few of the beautiful pages for your viewing pleasure!!! If you are interested in purchasing these beauties they are available on Amazon for a bit cheaper, but they are currently on back order. (THIS IS A NLT VERSION, IT IS AVAILABLE IN OTHER VERSIONS AS WELL)

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