Stay Green Digestion Bites~ Review


I have four dogs and they are the sweetest bunch of furbabies ever. So obviously they are spoiled rotten! We love and shop there for a variety of items for our babies. I love this store! They are such a great company and they strive for excellence! Something wrong with your product? They help you immediately. Can’t find what you want on there website? Chat with the nice people! They love their customers and you can tell! High quality products, great prices and a staff that is amazing…

Sorry , I got on my soap box again lol! But truly an amazing company, I highly recommend ordering any of your doggy items on their website! I have tried numerous treats before, some good and some bad but my dogs ALWAYS love the Zesty Paws bites line that you find on


This time I tried the digestion treats, it helps with urinary health and helps to  prevent the brown spots on your lawn from their urine. Our lawn looks horrendous, even in the springtime when the grass tries to grow they kill it with their pee. It’s frustrating! I would love to have my yard back to normal. The digestion treats have great reviews and they all point towards YES, IT DOES WORK! So, I am super hopeful by starting the treats now, that by the time springtime rolls around, the grass will stay green despite their furry efforts.


So far they all have liked the treats, which is a good sign! My boxer never likes to take pills, so I was unsure how she would do with these but she loved them. They smell like the beggin bacon strips you can buy so they must taste like bacon right?!

Here is what my doggos think of them:

Odin, King of Asgard “Little slices of heaven wrapped into a tiny heart”


Harley Quinn “Scrumptious!”


Princess Fiona “It’s bacon!”


Don Diago De La Vega “The only sin would be to deny what your heart truly feels, my heart feels like I need more treats!”


Find them on CHEWY

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