The mommy flu?

We all know about the man flu.

You know the time when your husband is dying because of a simple stuffy nose?

Yea.. The man flu.. They are at death’s door and can’t. move. a. muscle or they might not live to see…… another……. second.

Well I am 100% positive their should be a thing called the MOM FLU. This doesn’t have to mean you have the flu. This means that anytime you are sick as a  mom you still get shit done.

I don’t know how many times I have been sick and still had to take care of kids or continue to work or transport my boys wherever they need to go.


The good thing is most of the time I have help from my husband but he works over an hour away and sometimes isn’t around when I get sick (luckily, I don’t get sick often).

So here I am fighting off some viral crap that my 10 year old gave me and I’m driving them to a Cubscout meeting. Where I am the leader. Then I have yoga afterwards. No time for dinner or a sniffly nose or a cough.


Shit has to get done and no one can take my place and do those jobs for me.

I am woman, hear me cough… I mean roar… I am dragging ass but I still am fulfilling my commitments not only as a scout leader, yoga instructor, and para but also as a parent.’s not a bad thing. We are rockstars!

Yes, I should probably be resting… I can hear you picky germaphobes all the way across the internet… I shouldn’t be exposing other people to this junk, whatever it might be.

But I have a job to do and things that have to get done.


So pardon my sickly, probably incoherent rant but I just want to say kudos to all those moms out there that are killing it day by day, rain or shine,  in sickness and in health! 🙂 You guys are the true rockstars!!

What happens when you are sick? Do you have help? Backup?

How do you take care of yourself and your family during this time? I would love to know! 🙂


Found this gem of a meme on google! It is so true! Mom’s are the best things out there, we take care of everyone!

Keeping it real…

Almost a year ago I decided to give up blogging to see if it would help slow down my life. I felt like everything was weighing me down and this was the one thing I could easily give up. Needless to say, it didn’t help much. My life is still super crazy and crammed full of activities and responsibilities. But I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the opportunity to read and review books. I’ve missed the opportunity to interact with others in the blogging community and I’ve missed being able to express myself with writing and photography.

Even though life is not any slower than it was a year ago I feel like something is missing. I miss having a creative outlet to share my family adventures and our crazy life. So many things have changed this year, but everyday I think that would be a great blog post but I never get around to writing it down. This is me actually putting it out there for accountability! I want to get back to the blogging world and express myself!

So for those of you who are gracious enough to follow me, I hope to have more content coming your way soon! From book/product reviews, family trips, my life as a yoga instructor/ kindergarten Para and boy mom to recipes and traveling with kids tips!

Much love to you all and again thank you for following me! 😍 😘 ♥

Me keeping it real in kindergarten! ❤️