21 Day Blogging Challenge: Our Christmas Adventures

We don’t travel often but when we do we always to try to do something that is super fun and we try to stay for at least a week wherever we go. This year we ended up in Colorado and Wyoming to visit family over the summer. I assumed those places would be cooler than what they were. In my mind it should be like 70* for the high. It was HOT! I was so disappointed, it was hot and sweaty and gross. To top it all off there was no wildlife whatsoever! We had fun but I was so disappointed in the weather and lack of wildlife that I did not want to ever go back lol!

When my mother approached me about renting a cabin for Christmas in Colorado I was hesitant. Colorado? Again? That was literally my answer to her. I was trying to be positive that Colorado would be fantastic in the winter but I did not want to go! So I put on a brave face and agreed to the trip. So here we are in Estes Park, Colorado….

I don’t regret it! The day after we got here it snowed! We don’t get much snow where we are from, so my kids were super excited! 🙂 It was a fun adventure into the Rocky Mountain National Park and shopping in town! I will continue to share our adventures this week for Christmas! It’s going to be a whirlwind but it has definitely changed my perspective on the state of Colorado lol!

I definitely recommend going to the Rocky Mountain National Park if you ever get a chance to go!



Blog Challenge from https://votedooleynoted.wordpress.com/2018/09/27/21-day-blog-challenge/

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