What hot toys are your kids asking for this year?

My kids watch YouTube videos whenever they are given time on their Ipads (which isn’t often lol). They are obsessed with the toy destruction videos or the unwrapping of toys… super boring right? My kids are making those YouTube kids millions of dollars (Ryan’s Toys Review). I want that kind of job lol, make millions videoing my kids unwrapping toys and playing with them? Yes, please!

Anyways, they are always asking throughout the year for whatever new toy those kids are playing with. I’m not sure what you played with when you were kids but some of the junk they ask for is insane. Toys are definitely not what they used to be. Let’s get real here, I still own several of my childhood toys and guess what? They are still in perfect shape after years of being played with and my kids now play with those toys and they don’t break. I bought a Buzz Lghtyear a couple years ago for my youngest and within two days the damn thing had quit working. Um, seriously? A $50 toy that works for less than 48 hours.

I’m that mom that refused to buy fidget spinners for my kids (boo on me, I know).

I’m also the mom that refuses to buy gadgets that are crazy expensive or things that make my kids lazy. (hover boards, the latest video games, etc.)

I’m also that mom that won’t let my kids play Fortnight or anything else that you have includes an online chatroom. Stranger danger, come on parents.

I’m the mom that gave my kids an Ipad (that we bought super cheap, long story lol) but only let them play with it for 2 hours a week.

In short, I am a mean mom. But I. don’t. freaking. care. Kid’s these days are lazy, ungrateful and don’t know the meaning of go play outside and use your imagination.

Luckily by the time they write their letters to Santa my boys didn’t ask for too crazy of things, they must be learning.  😉 I tell them if mom doesn’t approve then I will call Santa and tell him not to bring those toys. (insert maniacal laughter right here) They asked for some video games which is OK but there were a lot of Lego sets and actual fun toys that I don’t mind having Santa put under our tree. My middle son did go a little crazy and asked for $100 cash lol! Me too son, me too. Can Santa bring me cash for Christmas?

I want to hear it! What crazy, craziness did your kiddos ask for this year???

I love the website LoveMatters, they had a great story about a crazy wish list for Christmas! Definitely check it out, you will chuckle! 🙂


Happy shopping parents!

Tis the Season to pretend to be Santa and the Elf on the Shelf!

Isn’t parenting fun?!? 😉


Here is my kids’ Christmas lists, they get to start them in November so they have time to add to them before we go writing Santa letters. Santa letters went out yesterday, the perks of living in a small town we have our own Santa mailbox and the kids get return letters. 🙂 (These are just the lists they made, they actually wrote different letters but I forgot to take pictures of them)



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