Review: Jialebi Bluetooth Headphones


Bluetooth headphones are fantastic, easy to use and are great if you like to listen to music while exercising. My husband has been through a couple different pairs and he seems to enjoy them! I don’t ever really get a chance to use them, I’m the one who blares my music in the house for all to hear lol!

My husband however loves to use them when he runs, mows the lawn and when the football game is on and no one else is in the mood to watch it. They are handy to have around and being cordless is a big plus. This particular brand is found on Amazon. They are a great price and a pretty nice product. They are lightweight and are easy to use. They are waterproof to boot! It claims to have 15 hours of use between charging, but I didn’t test that out lol! I will take their word for it, they do last a pretty long time though.




Being rechargeable is a must and these include a USB cord to charge them. It does not come with the plug box (for the cord) but so far no brand of headphones has come with a box. It comes with replaceable earbud covers which is nice in case you lose one or something happens to one of them. Overall, this is a great product and it is a reasonable price. Some bluetooth headphones on the market are pretty steep in price and I just can’t see spending a ton on them, especially with kids and animals in the house lol.


The best thing about this brand of headphones is the fact that the entire thing is flexible. No breaking of the neckband or bending it on accident. My husband’s very first pair got snapped in half by our toddler lol. It was a bad day in our house when those got broken. But this pair is comfy, flexible and the sound quality is great. I was very impressed with these headphones and I highly recommend them.

You can check them out at Amazon!

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