My Favorite Christmas movies on Netflix!

I have been binge watching Christmas movies for about a month now on Netflix. There are so many to choose from! There are some that are super duper cheesy, then there are others that make you cry! 🙂 I love them all! The cheesy, you know what’s going to happen, romantic movies are my favorite. Here is my list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix in order of awesomeness. Get ready, get your hot cocoa and go binge watch some movies! 🙂

  1. White Christmas
  2. Holiday Inn
  3. Christmas Chronicles
  4. The Spirit Of Christmas
  5. The Grinch
  6. The Princess Switch
  7. Merry Kissmas
  8. Christmas Wedding Planner
  9. Coffeeshop
  10. Christmas Crush
  11. A Christmas Prince
  12. The Holiday Calendar
  13. A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding
  14. Christmas Inheritance
  15. Dear Santa


I’m sure there are so many more that I haven’t gotten to yet! This is the time of year that I wish we had cable! Hallmark channel, I love you, I just can’t see you right now! LOL! 🙂 Sorry, it had to be said! We only have Netflix at our house but they have a plethora of things to watch. If you are bored check these out! If you have one that you absolutely love give me a shout I want to hear about it and add it to my list!

Merry Christmas and Happy Binge Watching 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas movies on Netflix!

  1. We just had a Christmas movie party and the idea was that we’d get together and go through lists of movies til we found one that no one had seen. The Spruces and the Pines. Two families with competing Christmas tree farms wrapped around the framework of Romeo and Juliet. Go find it! 😘🌲

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