Thanksgiving Preparations :)

Every year I tend to go all out on preparing for our holiday meals. I usually make way too much food and then regret eating it all! There is always so much great food and I am a sucker for great food. This year we are traveling to Thanksgiving and we don’t have to host, YAY! So instead of making a ton of stuff I only have to make a dessert. Well I ended up making several desserts, that’s just who I am lol!

Anyone else love the baking preparations for holidays??? I take this time as a learning experience for my kids and I pass down the cooking/baking knowledge that has been in my family for generations. My mom and grandma passed on their love of the kitchen to me and I hope that my kids will eventually pass it down to their kids. It is the best bonding time and you get yummy food from your time spent!

This year we were in charge of a pumpkin pie and instead of going easy, we used our jack-o-lantern pumpkins we had gotten from the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago (not carved ones). It was a learning experience for us all! But it was so much fun and the final product was amazing (according to everyone else, I hate pumpkin pie). We made the crust from scratch and it turned out great! A win for all of us. 🙂


After we finished with the pumpkin we moved on to my favorite, the apple pie! It is seriously where it’s at people, it was so hard for me to not dive into it right after I pulled it from the oven! It smelled amazing and tasted great! Then of course you can’t have a family get-together without sugar cookies and monster cookies. The kids love to make and eat them!





Ready to get in the oven!

What is on your list of must-have foods for Thanksgiving??


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