Review: MEIGO Magnetic Blocks



This is by far my favorite kids toy! I absolutely love the magnetic blocks and the Meigo company makes great products! Every toy we have had from this company has withheld the test of time and the destructive hands of 3 little boys. These have been played roughly with for the past couple weeks and they are still as new as they were the day we got them.



The kids love them and they are so fun to snap together to build whatever they could possibly imagine. This set comes with extra little fun things such as a plastic window, balcony and a door, making this an even better building set!

It comes with 51 pieces of magnetic fun! Honestly, I love playing with them just as much as my kiddos do. They are easy to put together so little hands can play with them and are also great for the older kids to build a rocket ship or house. 🙂

It is definitely engineering fun at its finest. The colors are bright and fun. Upon first trying them out I was a little worried about them breaking apart exposing the small magnets but after much playtime this is no longer a concern. The magnets are housed safely in a double layer of heavy duty plastic. They come packaged in a nice bright red drawstring bag that makes them easy to find in a playroom full of toys and also to throw easily in a to go bag. We travel to a lot of sports games and practices that my youngest gets super bored. We always have our bag of magnetic blocks with us!  I highly recommend this product and will buy them over and over again.

You can find them HERE!!


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