Review: MEIGO- Dominoes Shape Puzzle Matching Game Building Blocks



My kids are big fans of any kind of building blocks. It is something that keeps them busy and they play quietly together with the blocks. They have tried out other toys from the MEIGO company and we have enjoyed all of them.  It is a company that takes pride in their products and they never cease to amaze me on the types of toys they offer. These blocks are super fun and are can be played with in several different ways!


This domino set is a well made, heavy duty set that is great for any age. My 5,7 and 9 year old kiddos all enjoyed this set and it kept them busy for at least an hour. They love to play with them and it is something they can do together without fighting over it lol! You can put them up as regular dominoes, you can stack them to build a house (or other structure), can be used as a matching game or you can put it together as a puzzle. It is nice to have one toy that can be used in so many different ways and it comes in a great drawstring bag to keep them all together. It is something that is easy to take along with you, but something super fun for the kids to enjoy.

We are going on a road trip in a couple weeks and I will definitely be taking these along with us! The pictures on them are adorable and the kids had fun playing the matching game. I work with my youngest on preschool things at home and these are great for practicing shapes, colors and animals! 🙂 A great learning game that is fun! Make sure to check out this great set and company, you won’t regret it!

You can find it HERE!


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