Review: The Coffee Cookie

Wondering what a coffee cookie is? The name is deceiving and it’s not actually a cookie lol! Do you have issues keeping your coffee warm? I do!! I do!!! Being a busy mom I tend to forget my coffee and then it has to be rewarmed over and over again. I also forget it’s in the microwave lol and coffee can only be rewarmed so many times before it tastes burnt!


See that little blue thing in the picture above. This is the rescuer you need in your life if you are anything like me! It is a handy dandy little thing that goes under your coffee mug or even your to-go coffee cup to keep it warm. It starts to warm up with a flip of a button and can easily be recharged by using a USB charging cord like you have for a cellphone. It reminds me of a tiny version of a candle warmer! This thing is awesome and really does work! It can stay on for quite awhile and will heat your cup of coffee while it is sitting beside you!


It comes in a tiny little drawstring bag with an adorable little coffee bean heart on it! I have never heard of such a contraption until I seen it in an email advertisement. I was shocked and awed over the simplicity of such a fantabulous product! I highly recommend it and will be purchasing one for my family members for a stocking stuffer this year! Would be a great gift for any coffee lover!


You can find it HERE! Use my promo code (coffeelove) to receive 40% off!!!


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