Life is CRAZY……All. The. Damn. Time.

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Anyone else feel like they just can’t get through the week without something going wrong?!? Yea, that’s been my life this past month. I have kind of flaked on blogging and reviewing because my personal life is C.R.A.Z.Y! Lol! I am a parent of 3 boys as you may know and this is the time of year that every germ possible is passed around. In the past 3 weeks I have had strep and a respiratory virus with a cough that will not end. My kids have had strep, the respiratory virus, and one of them had croup and pneumonia.

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I bet you are thinking right now, WOW she’s a terrible mom! Does she not ever give her kids vitamins? Well I do give them vitamins, we use Thieves essential oils daily and they still come home germy and I will tell you why. Public schools are a germ factory. Kids sneeze on other kids, cough without covering there mouths and because of the society we live in these days kids are sent back to school when they are not fully recovered from their sickness. It’s a flawed system and no one is to blame. We all have just been hit hard this year and it’s barely begun. Last year we were lucky enough not to be sick at all (yes, I just knocked on wood).

Besides the sicknesses, we’ve had birthdays, field trips, yoga classes, a winter storm and non stop fights with my husband because he works an hour away and often stays there due to gas prices. I know this sounds like a waahhhhh wahhhh me post but it really isn’t. I am here to say that it’s okay to have an off day, week, month or even a year…. (anyone else here the Friends’ theme song just now lol!!!)

So I just wanted to say to those that actually read my blog and are patiently waiting a review… it is coming! 🙂 I am hopefully back into a better mindset and physically life is about to slow down, even if it is just for this next week. Yay for Thanksgiving Break!!

Namaste my peeps and THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time to read my post! 🙂 If you have any germ killing hacks please help a mother out!

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