Review: Freeskin Ombre Yoga Pants

In case you don’t know I am a yoga instructor and I am obsessed with yoga pants. These ombre pants made me giddy when I laid my eyes upon them. I was so excited to be able to review them. I mean, who can resist these beauties?!?


I immediately tried them on when they arrived and I was a tad disappointed. They were very stretchy which is normally a good thing but I felt like I was trying to put on a pair of pantyhose. They were scrunchy and had so much fabric, when I finally got them on I still wasn’t so sure so I took them off and washed them. Trying them again once they got out of the wash, I was still not happy with them.

To me they were more leggings than they are yoga pants. Those are two completely different clothing items and need to be sold with clarity which you will be getting. I do not feel comfortable wearing these to any of my yoga classes. When I bent over they were see through and the crotch part of it is just weird feeling.


They don’t fit like I expected for being advertised as yoga pants. I will definitely be keeping them for some awesome looking leggings to wear under something else or with a long shirt lol!

I am very particular about the yoga pants I wear and these do not pass the test. I do however recommend them as leggings. They are soft and a beautiful color. If you want to check them out they are on AMAZON.

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