Review: Natrogix Potent Allergy Relief Supplements

I received this supplement through Tomoson for a fair and honest review.


I have horrendous allergies and I have been through allergy testing numerous times, on numerous medications and I have yet to find anything that really gets rid of my allergies. I feel like I am constantly battling allergies irregardless of what time of year it is. I didn’t know that there was a supplement out their specifically for allergies until I stumbled upon this brand! I was really skeptical about how well this product would work and if it would give me any relief at all. My regular allergy medicine ritual consists of taking Singular, Allegra, Benadryl when needed, a steroid nose spray, a antihistamine nose spray and numerous vitamins.

So far, with only taking it two weeks I have backed off on my Benadryl and nose spray use to only once every other day. I want to say it is from this supplement, but I’m honestly not sure lol it could be that its still cold where I live. I haven’t been taking it long enough to really know how it is affecting my allergy suffering. I really hope that it is this supplement, because spring is right around the corner! I do intend to continue the use of this supplement because it does seem to be helping. If I can get away from using so many medications and narrow it down to a vitamin that would be awesome! 🙂 So I am going to recommend this product! I think if you suffer from allergies as much as I do, it is nice to have some relief and you should definitely try it out! Make sure to check with your doctor first before use! 🙂

Ingredients listed in this supplement are as follows:

  • Methylcobolamin
  • Magnesium Ascorbate
  • Boswella
  • Bromellain
  • N-acerylcyestine
  • Quercetin DHydrate



Review: Natrogix Extra Strength DIM 250mg Plus 3mg BioPerine & 100IU Vitamin E – 60 Veggie Capsules – Promotes Beneficial Estrogen Metabolism

I recieved this through Tomoson in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I was really excited about getting a chance to review this product. I had a partial hysterectomy about 2 years ago and was able to keep my ovaries so thankfully I haven’t had to be on any fake hormones. I was super relieved by this but I still suffer occasionally from hot flashes and mood swings. So when I found out that I was going review this product I couldn’t wait to get started! There is so much that this product has to offer!!! AND it is not only for women! Men can benefit from taking it also! 🙂

  • Promotes Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
  • Supports Women’s Health
  • Maximizes Testosterone in Men
  • Regulates Body Fat


Honestly, I have only taken this for about 2 weeks but I have already noticed a difference. My hot flashes are fewer and farther in between and I honestly feel better! I am hoping it will help with my weight loss also! Unfortunately, with a hysterectomy there is a chance of weight gain which is super annoying! I gained 15 pounds and I have a hard time losing it even with regular exercise and a healthy diet. It is super frustrating and this is advertised as helping with metabolism and possibly weight loss, so fingers crossed! 🙂



The supplement is great so far! No adverse reactions to it and there is no aftertaste after taking the capsules. The capsules are quite large but not a big issue. It also suggests taking them with a meal to prevent and stomach irritability. I have already seen results in just a couple weeks so I definitely recommend this product!


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“The Forgotten Lands: Dragon Island” ~Jennifer Strain~ Review



What are the strange trinkets in Grandfather’s attic? Is there any truth to his magical stories?

Join Sadie on a thrilling adventure as she discovers that her grandfather’s treasures are from a once forgotten land. When Sadie and her cousins find a magical map, they are whisked away to a land where royalty is plagued by fire-breathing, book eating dragons! Can Sadie save the Queen’s most prized possessions?


Jennifer Strain developed a passion for storytelling at a young age. Her love for storytelling continued to grow all throughout college where she studied Journalism and Photography at the University of Central Oklahoma. She now lives in Texas with her husband and three children who inspire her writing and keep her imagination alive.


I was so excited when I found out that one of my closest friends was going to be an author!! It is so exciting and fun to see your imagination come to life on pages of a book and I couldn’t be more proud of her!


This book is fun, imaginative and lets your kids go on a magical adventure in a far off place. There are great stories told by her grandpa, dragons and medieval castles to explore. Finding so much more in this book we follow Sadie the cute, loveable little main character that you can’t help but adore on an adventure of a lifetime! She brings two of her cousins along on her adventure to solve the riddle of her grandfather’s latest story. Is it real, is it just make believe? Follow these three as they learn new clues that take them to amazing places to see things you won’t believe until you see it! 😉


Who doesn’t love a great fairytale story! I know my kids and I do! It makes it all the more special when it is magical stories told by her beloved Grandpa. It brings a fantastic familial aspect to the whole book. Her Grandpa encourages her imagination to grow and take her on all kinds of adventures, just like we all should do with our kiddos!


My kids and I loved this book! It is a snuggle with your babies and read it kind of book. But also easy enough for them to read on their own!  My oldest son has read it numerous times! It is filled with lots of great illustrations and a story that is easily followed. My oldest is a second grader and this book is the perfect length for him, he gets bored easily if the books are too long lol! But with this he zoomed through it in one setting and thoroughly enjoyed it! I think his favorite part was the book-eating dragon, because let’s face it he’s a crazy boy and loves dragons! 🙂 We are all anxiously waiting on her next book!!!


So if you haven’t done it yet, go buy this book for yourself and your entire family! 🙂 🙂

I highly recommend!!!


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“The Saturday Night Supper Club” ~Carla Laureno~ Review



Denver chef Rachel Bishop has accomplished everything she’s dreamed and some things she never dared hope, like winning a James Beard Award and heading up her own fine-dining restaurant. But when a targeted smear campaign causes her to be pushed out of the business by her partners, she vows to do whatever it takes to get her life back . . . even if that means joining forces with the man who inadvertently set the disaster in motion.

Essayist Alex Kanin never imagined his pointed editorial would go viral. Ironically, his attempt to highlight the pitfalls of online criticism has the opposite effect: it revives his own flagging career by destroying that of a perfect stranger. Plagued by guilt-fueled writer’s block, Alex vows to do whatever he can to repair the damage. He just doesn’t expect his interest in the beautiful chef to turn personal.

Alex agrees to help rebuild Rachel’s tarnished image by offering his connections and his home to host an exclusive pop-up dinner party targeted to Denver’s most influential citizens: the Saturday Night Supper Club. As they work together to make the project a success, Rachel begins to realize Alex is not the unfeeling opportunist she once thought he was, and that perhaps there’s life—and love—outside the pressure-cooker of her chosen career. But can she give up her lifelong goals without losing her identity as well?


Carla Laureano is the RITA® Award-winning author of contemporary inspirational romance and Celtic fantasy (as C.E. Laureano). A graduate of Pepperdine University, she worked as a sales and marketing executive for nearly a decade before leaving corporate life behind to write fiction full-time. She currently lives in Denver with her husband and two sons, where she writes during the day and cooks things at night.

Connect with Carla online at her website (


This one of the sweetest books I have ever read! I have never read anything by this author before but I was very pleased with her writing and storytelling. This is one of those stories that you can’t help but fall head over heels for and want to immediately find more books by the author. I love food and the cover of this book was definitely an eye-catcher with the yummy looking food on it!

It is a great story of adversity, overcoming hurdles in life to become the best person you can be. Rachel, our leading lady,  has suffered greatly in her young teenage years. But with determination and hard work she became the best person she could be. Co-owning her own restaurant was everything she had ever wanted and worked so hard for, but is that really her destiny?

She finds that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned. Finding herself out of work and no clue what to do next she starts to realize that there is so much more to being a chef! She finds friends in the most unexpected places and realizes that Adam, our main man of the story, could possibly be much more than just a friend. But does he feel the same way??? I guess you’ll find out if you go read the book! I highly suggest checking out this book and more on this author!

I loved this book and the whirlwind story that took me on a wild emotional ride!! I will definitely be checking out more books by this author! Please do yourself a favor and go read this book!




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