Review: Zevrez Women’s Casual Tunic Pullover Floral Long Sleeve Grey Sweatshirt





I received this product from Tomoson in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This sweater is adorable and one of the reasons I loved it was the giant read flowers on the arms! It is so gorgeous! I was so surprised at how nice the quality of the shirt is and the detail on the flowers is amazing. It is very soft and stretchy.

I ordered the XL because I wanted it to be nice and over-sized, the perfect addition to some leggings. It is the perfect length for leggings and it is baggy enough that I am super comfy in it. My only complaint on the product is on the inside of the arm sleeves where the flowers are sewn on. It might just be me (I despise even the tiniest of scratchy clothing), but where the thread is to hold the flowers on is super itchy and scratchy on my arms. It bugs me…. a lot…. AND you can’t machine wash this thing.

So here I am with super scratchy arms but a sweater that is super duper comfortable AND I can only hand wash it. What the hell am I to do??? So I am just dealing with the scratchiness by rolling up the sleeves at all times! It sucks that you can’t wash it though, I understand that the flowers could fall off but OMG I would love to wash it!


Overall, it is well made and the flowers are intricate and are sewn on well. It is super comfy and cozy but the arms drive me nuts. I think I will try to run it on a delicate cycle and see what happens. I WILL RECOMMEND this because it is a nice sweatshirt for a decent price.


Available at Amazon

Also check out the YouTube video!


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