“SAVAGE: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton” ~L.A. FIORE~ Cover Reveal!

Savage Final
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Title: Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton
Author: L.A. Fiore
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Cover Photographer: Scott Hoover
Cover Designer: Melissa Stevens
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Savage Final Ebook  


They call him a monster. 

Pale blue eyes as cold as ice that see right through you.  
He’s hard. 

He’s damaged.
 He’s dangerous. 

He lives in a castle fit for a fairy tale, but he’s no prince. 

He’s savage. 

He’s brutal.
 He’s a killer. 

By an act of fate, our worlds collide. 

They call him a monster, but he is my salvation. 

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Savage - L.A. Fiore
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logo L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including Beautifully Damaged, 
Collecting the Pieces and His Light in the Dark. Her favorite movie is Star Wars, a love her son shares. They hope to build their own Millennium Falcon one day. She would like to meet the Winchester Boys to thank them for enlightening her on the versatility of salt as not just a food enhancer, but as protection from supernatural threats. And she thinks it would be interesting to be a zombie, to get an idea of what life is like as a brain-addicted fiend so she can be their voice to tell their side of the story. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids, their two spoiled cats and their awesome dog.
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Inkitt launches a free program to help you turn your idea into a novel within 30 days

Have you ever thought about writing a novel? There are millions of people in the world who have ideas floating around in their heads that they want to write down but never find the time.

Inkitt, the world’s first reader-powered book publisher, will be launching their first ‘Writers Write Program’  on November 1st to help you turn your idea into an original novel. The 30-day program is completely free and filled with special benefits such as:

  • Free, 30 min private sessions with professional writing coaches (including the editor of The Martian)
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“Our intention is to enlarge the writing community by encouraging more people to become writers,” said CEO of Inkitt, Ali Albazaz. “The program is completely free so for us this isn’t about making money; it’s about encouraging talented and committed writers to keep going and finish what they started.”

If you are serious about taking on the challenge or want to finish (or start!) a manuscript then make sure to get your spot in the program now. There is less than a week left before it starts.


“The Leftover” Brooke Williams – Review



Megan Malone is the ultimate homebody. When her sister talks her into going on The Leftover, a local version of the TV show Survivor, she isn’t sure she’ll make it past the first vote. Cane Trevino is nursing a broken heart by joining the show as a medic. With time away from his regular job and a dozen contestants to distract him, he hopes he can finally get over the woman he thought was “the one.


Brooke Williams is a stay-at-home mom/freelance writer/author. Brooke is a former radio announcer and producer who also did a brief stint as a TV traffic reporter. Now, she writes novels as well as articles, blogs, and copy for clients on a freelance basis.



This is a fantastic book! It swept me away from the very first page! This author definitely knows how to reel you in! The characters are fun and personable but yet they have a depth to them that makes you want to know everything you can about them!

Megan is a shy girl that you can’t help but love! She is so scared to be a part of the Leftover show but she is excited about getting herself out there and once she does watch out world there is no stopping her! She is a fighter, someone you can’t help but root for. When she catches the eye of the sexy medic Cane, sparks fly and things start to happen that she would have never dreamed of. They could be a cute couple but she is scared and in the middle of a competition! Whatever will she do! I can’t tell you that, you have to read it for yourself!

The way that the author writes this book, it is more like watching a survivor show than actually reading it! That’s how I felt too! The way that Megan describes each of her competitors is funny and endearing. You will begin to love certain characters and go through their strife with them as well as begin to hate a couple of the conniving characters. You will love to hate them! It is fun and fascinating. It is sweet and hopeful. It is a story of finding oneself and growing, but it is also a sweet little romance story! I loved everything about this book!

With so many characters I thought that I would get lost but I really didn’t! It flowed and written very well! This author is now on my “find more books by this author” list! 🙂 😉

LOVED IT!! GO READ IT NOW!!! Let me know if you loved it too!

Available at:


Barnes and Noble

#blogtober Fail….

So at the beginning of the month I decided I would take on the challenge of #blogtober. A blog post a day for the entire month of October… Sounds simple right???

Well first of all I am a mom….and things happen like all the time, every day. First my hubby gets sick and brings home his yucky germs to my children. Then my children get sick not all at once of course but one…then another and finally the last one…. Then once I think all of the germs are gone I get it. So now my hubby feels better he is back to school, two of my kids feel better and are back at school. Now I am stuck at home feeling like death with a hyped up 4 year old that is bored out of his mind because Mommy doesn’t feel like playing.

Then after this cold of death swept through our house it became birthday party time for my middle son… YAY! Not so much…. I despise having birthday parties (I know that makes me sound like a horrible mom), but seriously it is so much work to have ZERO people RSVP. Not knowing who is coming or not coming…did I make enough cake…etc…. Seriously, I love my kids and the joy that they get out of these parties but I don’t enjoy hosting them!

Then after the birthday party I lost a filling in my tooth (boo to dental work!), which you know costs a million dollars for them to mutilate your gums and fix it. Then here is my birthday (yesterday the 25th), where the hell did that come from?? With the mantra being am I so old all day……waaahhhhhhhh…..sad sap story! Now we have fall break and teacher conferences tonight a full weekend and then Halloween! I am still not finished with the costumes! Almost there but omg this has been a crazy ass month!

Unfortunately, being a mom and wife things happen and as much as I hate it, I failed at #blogtober…..But you know what that is OKAY! Sometimes we just need to take a break…because if I would have tried to cram blogging into an already crazy day after being sick and just wrestling with life I think I would have gone completely crazy!

I love blogging and I love interacting with ALL of you! But sometimes life just gets too hectic and things become blurred and Monday turns into Friday and you’re not sure what happened! But it is OKAY! A big thank you to everyone who has followed me this month!

Anyone else have a #blogtober fail!?!?! Besides me?!?!?

The Outpost by Devney Perry is coming soon!

The Outpost by Devney Perry is coming soon!


Be the first to read this sexy new romance from Devney–pre-order your copy today!

Title: The Outpost
Author: Devney Perry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: November 7th

About The Outpost:


Exposing a prominent criminal family with an investigative news report didn’t exactly work out the way Sabrina had hoped. Instead of basking in the glory of her article’s success, she’s on the run from a powerful man who wants her dead. To stay safe, she’s forced to trade one bad situation for another. Stuck in the Montana wilderness, she’s secluded from anything resembling civilization or the modern-day world. The only good thing about her situation is the gorgeous mountain man assigned to protect her. Too bad he isn’t the slightest bit interested in a city girl like her.

Beau likes his life quiet and simple. Give him a peaceful day hiking in the woods with his dog, and he’s a happy man. He has no use for large crowds, noisy cities or dramatic women. So when a hotshot reporter rolls into town, dragging her big-time problems with her, he should have run for the hills. Instead, he volunteered to keep her safe. Bringing her into his world won’t be easy, but if he can convince her that Montana isn’t as terrifying as she believes, they might just be the perfect match.

Preorder Today!

Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo

Check out the trailer:

About the Author:

Author Picture

Devney lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

#blogtober day 16th! How do you costume?

Every year is a challenge for us to figure out what we want to be for Halloween. We always do a themed costume for the whole family! Last year the kids were Pokemon while my husband and I were Ash and Misty! It was super fun! Here is our costumes from last year! Halloween

This year we are the Super Mario characters!  I am super excited and I always put a ton of work into our costumes , it is so much cheaper for us to make them than buy them! Costumes are so expensive!!  My kids love to see the costumes come from nothing and they are excited to tell everyone they helped make their costumes!

It is quite the experience and sometimes challenging but definitely worth it! I will post pictures on Halloween of our costumes!

What do you do for Halloween?!?

I want to know! Are you crafty? Do you have a family theme? (Even if it is not a family costume, I’d love to hear about your costumes!!) What are you going as this year?!??!

~~Happy Haunting~~

#blogtober day 15 If I have to watch that movie one more time I’m gonna….

So I love my kiddos more than anything in this world but when they latch on to a favorite show/movie, they will watch the crap out of it. Here lately it has been Captain Underpants. Cute movie the first couple times I seen it or heard it from the other room…. Then it was also cute when they asked me to buy the music from the movie on Amazon.

Super cute when they sang the I Love Saturdays song the first time….. Now that song is permanently stuck in my head (singing the song in my head as I type)….. I could quote the entire movie and unfortunately my husband has taken on the persona of Professor P… because well he’s a teacher and he’s a tad crazy. (one of the many reasons I married him!)

We just bought the Emoji Movie and watched it for the first time this weekend, again cute movie but I feel it will be on repeat for the next few weeks. I love it when new movies come out that they like, it gives me a reprieve from whatever their current fascination is lol!!!

What movies do your kiddos love to watch repeatedly?!?? Is it just me or does it drive you crazy sometimes!!!

#blogtober day 14! Did I just break my foot?!?

So today was a fantastic day! I went out with my mother-in-law and had drinks, lunch and a fantastic pedicure! Then we did some shopping and rounded off the day with pizza and my kiddos.

So when we got back home after being gone all day…. there was a rooster out of the damn coop! The hens tend to get out all the time.. they are super sneaky little creatures… Anyways the two roosters we have never get out! Like ever! So we were definitely surprised to see him out. He is lovingly called Raymond….he is a Rhode Island Red and he reminds of Raymond Reddington from the Blacklist!!

This rooster does not want to go in for anything. Here my husband and I are running around in the dark with flashlights cursing Raymond. Their is a storm due to hit our house in about 10 minutes give or take a few lol. So of course we were not happy! My husband the aloof guy he is has forgotten to pick up his weights that are sitting in our yard. I mean the big giant bar and heavy weights! I did not see said weights while I was chasing Raymond through the yard and ran right into the bar 😦 I screamed, Raymond crowed and my husband laughed as he caught Raymond by the feet and lovingly threw him back in the coop.

I am pretty sure that I broke a bone in the top of my foot…I don’t know I could be wrong.. I am quite a baby when it comes to pain lol. Long story short it hurts like the dickens and I have a massive bruise…. Moral of the story: leave the stupid rooster to fend for himself, or get rid of my husbands weights since he leaves them outside before an impending rainstorm…. Hmmm maybe I’ll just get rid of the rooster…or the husband lol! Just kidding! 🙂

Hope you all have a happy Saturday! 🙂

#blogtober It’s Friday the 13th!


It’s Friday the 13th and honestly I didn’t even realize it! We didn’t have school today and my kids were being crazies loving their day off, and lets be honest, I am terrible with dates! All day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday… I blame it on the mommy brain.

So in the spirit of Friday the 13th, I thought it would be fun to tell a little ghost story (true story!). Growing up we lived in a very small town (500 people). We lived in a house that was half an old school house. It was brought in town to be added on to an existing house (confusing I know!) But anyways it was to make this house bigger. It was a pretty awesome house. There were the really old heavy charcoal chalk boards and our laundry room had a gym floor!

But this house was haunted! I don’t know why but most every night as I was growing up I would see young children playing in our living room ( I could see this room from my bedroom). It honestly never bothered me seeing them. I would talk to my family about it and they had seen and heard things also! Spooky right!? Well we moved out when I was in 6th grade to live on our family farm and the people who moved into that house called my mom one day and asked her if we had ever seen/heard anything weird! So it wasn’t just our family!! We weren’t crazy lol! They never bothered us and it’s always a fun story to tell!

Fast forward several years and I am a senior in high school. My parents have divorced by this time and my mom and I are living in a different house. We get bored one night and decide to look in the attic of this house (there had once been a fire and we were bored and curious). So we peeked up into the attic and found some crazy stuff! A model-T tire, some old porcelain dishes, a bunch of old insurance fliers and some other random stuff. We thought it was so cool, we love history stuff so it was neat to find this stuff. So we decided we had enough (it was well after midnight!).

I headed to bed and was laying there trying to get comfy.. All at once I felt something in the room with me… You know the feeling where you feel like someone is watching you and you get goosebumps or your hair stands up on the back of your neck?!? Yea well at the end of my bed was a scary ghost! It was a man in a business suit looking angry at me! I screamed and ran to my mom’s room! It scared the living shit out of me! I had never been so scared in my life! We promptly put everything back in that attic where we had found it and needless to say I slept in my mom’s room that night! The weird thing is I never seen that ghost again!

So I blame it on the fact that we messed with the stuff in the attic and it pissed off a ghost lol!


Tell me your ghost stories! I love to hear about them!!! 🙂 🙂

#blogtober day 12! Favorite Halloween Movies!

I love everything about Halloween! We have a tradition of watching all of our favorite Halloween movies every year! Here are some of our favorites!!!


  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ( great book too!)
  3. Corpse Bride
  4. Casper
  5. Halloweentown
  6. Coraline
  7. Hotel Transylvania #1 and #2
  8. Frankenweenie (the cartoon one)
  9. Scared Shrekless
  10. Mickey’s House of Mouse Villains
  11. Room on the Broom
  12. Alvin and the Chipmunks Frankenstein

What are your Favorites?!?! We would love to know!