“Beloved Hope” ~Tracie Peterson~ Review

beloved hope


Tracie Peterson is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than one hundred books. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Montana.

Visit Tracie’s web site at: http://www.traciepeterson.com


A Compelling Novel of Forgiveness and Hope from Leading Author Tracie Peterson

Hope Flanagan survived the massacre at the Whitman Mission, but at terrible personal cost. Safe now in Oregon City, she lives with her sisters, Grace and Mercy, and Grace’s new husband, Alex. As she spends her days tending their flock of sheep, Hope’s mind and soul are slowly healing. Yet, though she was once surrounded by suitors, she has no interest in giving her heart again after the man she loved died in her arms.

Hope’s precarious new peace is shattered when those responsible for the massacre are captured and put on trial. She is asked to testify against them, but she’s not sure she can bear to relive the events of those horrific days.


I am a big fan of Tracie Peterson’s work, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to read this book Beloved Hope. It is the second book of the Heart of The Frontier series. Unfortunately, with this book I had a really hard time getting through it. Which is very surprising to me, I have greatly enjoyed other books that she has written. I would assume you need to read the first book in this series to fully understand what is going on.  Usually with her series books they can be read as a standalone novel and you don’t need to read the previous ones, but that isn’t the case with this one.

My biggest issue with this particular book was the amount of characters she had. I had a really hard time remembering who was who and what they had to do with the story. She tries to shove a lot of information in a short amount of pages and a ton of characters, which in my opinion jumbles up the story and makes it hard to read. The flow of the book was choppy and I kept finding myself stopping and going back several pages just to figure out who that specific person was and why I needed to know who it was. There were a lot of unnecessary characters that could have just as easily been left out of the book and you still would have gotten the gist of it. Overall, the premise of the story is interesting and it has a lot of potential.

My suggestion if you are to read this series, definitely start with book number 1. I haven’t read it and I don’t plan to, this book has turned me off of finding more in this particular series. I definitely enjoy her other books, so please don’t think all of her books are terrible lol. To be specific I really enjoyed her book A Dream to Call My Own, it is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. Also A Love Transformed is a fantastic book! It is also part of a series but I read just that book and it was a great read!


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