“Talking With God” ~Adam Weber~ Review



Life is crazy. Prayer is simple. 

Prayer seems like it should be so simple. Yet when it comes to actually praying, it often feels awkward and complicated.

I mean, what should you actually pray about? What do you say? Is there anything you should or shouldn’t say? Do you have to speak out loud? Where do you even start?

To make matters worse, we’ve heard about prayer for so long that we feel awkward asking about it. It’s like having to ask a person’s name after knowing them for years. We’re embarrassed to ask because we really should know their name by now.

Then comes the reality and craziness of life. Between work, parenting, walking the dog, a full inbox, keeping up on social media—who has time to pray?

The truth is, prayer is simple.

It’s like talking; talking with a good friend.  Here’s the best part: No matter where we are in life, God can’t wait to talk with us.

What does it look like to pray in the midst of your life?
What do you say when you don’t know how to pray?

I’m asking the same questions. Let’s talk.


ADAM WEBER is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Embrace, a church that has six campuses in two states. He likes typewriters, drives a Rambler, cheers for the Cincinnati Bengals, and has four chickens and a dog named Daisy. Adam, his beautiful wife, Becky, and their kids live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.. Fun fact: He once made worldwide news when a turkey vulture fell out of the sky and onto his back porch during an ice storm. Google it.


Wow! This is such an inspirational book that is full of great scriptures and great ways to help you with your prayers. We all prayer differently and sometimes we struggle to find the right words to say or the right way to say it. Well this book breaks it down for you…God listens, irregardless of how you say it or when you say it he is listening. This book really opens up the reality of how much we get caught up in the correct way of doing things, there is no right or wrong way to pray. Talk to God, talk to him as if he is your best friend sitting in front of you. Don’t be embarrassed or shy, he is there waiting to here your voice.

Read this book, read this book now! It is so good! I am one of those people that I just randomly talk to God through out the entire day, pray for my family and others at the most random times of day. But it’s OK and this book really walks you through the fact that it’s OK to not know how to pray, it’s OK to not know how to start or finish a prayer. Just walk through it in your own time and trust in Him to lead you through it.

I loved this quote from the book…

“Even followers of Jesus- the people who hung out with Jesus himself- didn’t have prayer figured out.”

“I’ll go out on a limb and say that the majority of “everyone else” doesn’t have prayer figured out either. They have questions. They feel unqualified or inadequate. They avoid prayer altogether. After all, how do you talk with the Creator of the entire universe without feeling a little intimidated.”

I loved this book and will definitely be reading again in the future. I recommend it to everyone!!!!


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