“Enjoy” ~Trillia J. Newbell~ Review



Is It Okay to Enjoy This Life?
Watching a gorgeous sunset. Sharing a laugh with a friend. Tasting a sun-ripened strawberry. Each day is full of opportunities for you to savor the countless gifts the Creator has given.

But do you feel free to delight in God’s abundant gifts, or is your joy sometimes distorted by guilt, fear of idolatry, or simply an overwhelming awareness of sin’s effects on this world?

Trillia Newbell explains how we often miss opportunities to participate in God’s divine delight because we’re discouraged, fixated on selfish fulfillment, or paralyzed by guilt.  Enjoy serves as an encouraging reminder of God’s gracious gifts and also challenges women to view all of these gifts—from relationships and careers to food and sex—as reasons to rejoice in the Lord and grow in our understanding and appreciation of who He is.

This thought-provoking book invites you to explore the truth of God’s Word and discover how to nurture daily a spirit of gratitude and deep satisfaction.

Enjoy will open your eyes and your heart to the freedom of fully enjoying all God has given us!



Trillia J. Newbell is the author of two previous books, Fear and Faith and United. Her writings on issues of faith, family, and diversity have been published in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and Relevant Magazine, as well as on numerous websites, such as Desiring God, Christianity Today, and the Gospel Coalition. She is the director of community outreach for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Trillia lives near Nashville with her husband, Thern, and their children.




A powerful book! One that I will gladly recommend to everyone I know. This is a great book on faith and the power God has on us in every aspect of our lives. We tend to feel guilty about doing the things we love. I will attest to this, I always feel guilty reading a book or going on date night with my hubby because I feel like I am missing out on time with my kids. This is a great reminder to do the things we love, to enjoy those few fleeting moments of quiet because we have to take care of ourselves too! My family always comes first and that is okay to a certain extent. I have to make sure that I have enough time for myself to do things that I love to do!

A powerful message that can not be said enough, find the joy in life. The author covers many topics in this book, truly covering every aspect of life and how we should cherish those moments. She shares so much of her own personal stories that it makes it easy to relate to her and her message. There is a lot of information in this book and a lot of scripture references which is helpful! This would be a great bible study book, at the end of each chapter their is an “apply what you’ve read” section. This includes some great information on how to use what you’ve learned throughout each chapter to help you enjoy yourself and the relationships you have with others.

Again, a wonderful book and  full of great information! I definitely recommend reading it!


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