I really have 4 children.. One is just covered in fur..

I was in the process of putting my babies to bed and I say, “boys come on, get up here and lay down.” Our fur-baby a beautiful boxer girl is also in the room at the same time.. As soon as I say get up here and lay down she tries to get up on the bed  (she knows she is not allowed on the kids’ bed, she pushes them out lol). With one foot perched on the bed I say, “I’m not talking to you Kloey”… She grumbles at me but stays one foot perched on the bed… I say,” go lay down in your own bed”. She barks at me, grumbles a little and turns around and walks out… Wagging her tail the whole way… She knows momma loves her.. But goodness does she have sass!

Anyone else have fur-babies that act like they are human? She constantly looks at me with those gorgeous brown eyes with an understanding that you would think comes from a human. She grumbles at me when she wants something and even when she doesn’t get her way.

She is my baby, she is one of us and will always be that way. She is getting up there in years and I worry about her often (boxers tend to have a host life-expectancy). But I spoil her rotten every chance I get because she is truly one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. She’s amazing with the kids and treats them like they are her own babies. She has put up with a lot of baby lovin over the past 7 years, even being used as a step stool by my youngest to reach a snack all the while snoozing away.



Her pretty bling!




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