“The Captain Takes a Wife” ~Doris Durbin~Review



Sarah Franklin, a young teacher escaping an arranged marriage to a corrupt man, runs straight into the arms of Captain Harry Richardson as he prepares to board a train leaving Macon, Georgia, in 1875. She begs him to help her, and the captain soon finds himself in the midst of a ruse to hide her identity from her pursuers. When he impulsively kisses her in front of his amazed friends and some curious newspaper reporters, everything changes, and events soon spiral out of control.

Harry is a handsome man who carries his Bible and sidearm in a worn, leather valise. He fought on the side of the Confederacy until he was captured at Missionary Ridge; he spent time in a northern prison, but was released when he agreed to go west and fight the Indians with the U.S. Cavalry. Now that the war is over and he has earned his theology degree, Harry is looking forward to a new beginning as a circuit-riding preacher in the North Georgia mountains. But first, he must survive the train trip, protecting a woman he barely knows and putting his life in jeopardy to battle a determined band of hired gunmen.

In this inspirational historical tale, a soldier-turned-minister learns that even if you’re starting a new life, there are some things you can’t leave behind.


The Author:

Doris Schneider Durbin was born in Plant City, Florida, and lived for a time in eastern North Carolina. She moved with her husband Ed and their family to the mountains of northern Georgia in 1983. There she became acquainted with local people who told stories about the “old days” in the mountains and traveling by wagon across the mountains by way of the Logan Turnpike. More recently, Doris and Ed served on a history committee at the First Baptist Church of Blairsville when that group created a church history book. She especially enjoyed learning the stories of the early pastors, who were interesting, surprisingly well educated characters, and she could imagine the difficulty of their work in the isolated mountain region of the time. Out of these thoughts and additional research, she created her character, Captain Harry Richardson, a former soldier and a new preacher, who travels to Choestoe to begin his ministry there in 1875.

Doris and Ed still live in North Georgia, where they both taught in the local school system until they retired. Ed taught history, and Doris was a high school librarian who sponsored a writer’s club and produced a literary magazine for many years. Now that she has retired, she has time to devote to her grandchildren and to her many interests, which include painting, spinning and dyeing yarn, knitting, and a new career as a writer.


Love love love love this book!!! Such a great story set in an awesome time period! True love blooms from a rough situation. On the run from an arranged marriage Sarah finds herself with a man who is willing to protect her at all costs. Numerous hardships follow them and beyond everything their faith in God remains and their faith in each other is unwavering. A beautiful story of love, friendship, drama, suspense and murder! A true love story intermingled with a mystery!

The author knows the time period well and sets it up as though you are in the midst of that era. The characters are amazing and loveable. There were lots of characters, which can be confusing at times but it is well worth the read! Once I got started with this book I flew through it! It was truly a page turner and had me wanting more. This a first book, hopefully their is a sequel because there could be so much more to the story! Loved it and will definitely be recommending it!


I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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