A Pokemon Party!! My baby turned 5!

So my kids are so (and I mean SOOOOOOOOOO) obsessed with all things Pokemon! It’s OK, I mean they could have picked something way worse… I mean literally their is absolute garbage on TV anymore… Whatever happened to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck or the Looney Tunes. Anyways its all Pokemon all the time at my house, and yes we ALL play Pokemon GO. Did I mention I have 3 boys? Yea so…. two Pokemon birthday parties within the next two months. But this month is my now 5 year old’s birthday….YAY!

So we’ve been busy the past couple of weeks! We’ve had an actual birthday party on Sunday and then his preschool birthday party was today! Yay! But where has the time gone and why is my baby getting older!!!! 😦



Preschool Cupcakes:



Party Cake:



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