The Way I Christian <3

Have you ever wondered if you are doing this Christian thing right? It’s always tough living in the world we do, with the massive amount of bad things happening. The amount of judgements and hatred we see everyday. Don’t lose faith. Believe in him just as he believes in you! 😀

Growing up I did the whole church thing: Sunday service, Sunday school and regular church functions. We were there almost every Sunday and definitely a holiday priority. But I never felt like I belonged there, I was just going through the motions.

I was baptized at 13, but honestly I don’t remember knowing what that meant at the time. When I was a senior in high school life kinda sucked: bad boyfriend/relationship, my parents got divorced and we had to move to an entirely new city. Bummer, right? I had no idea what was going on with my life, I was floundering. Until I joined a local youth group and I found that God truly did love me and he was there for me through my crappy teen drama.

Fast forward a few years, I kinda lost my way through college spiritually. Sunday was a lazy day, no church or any religious functions in my life. I still knew God was there, he was watching and working through my life right along side me. But honestly I didn’t connect to him like I should have.

I got married to my long time boyfriend and started having kids. That was amazing and exhausting and truly God’s plan but yet I still didn’t go to church. Having infants/ toddlers in a church service was like wrangling a dang octopus. Toys everywhere, nonstop moving or crying and promising something sweet if they’d just hold still for a few more minutes. We tried, I really wanted to be that adorable church family. You know the ones with the perfectly dressed, quiet kids and a hand in every possible church function. I envy those people! My life is a frantic, non stop boy mess.

Now I am 30 years old and I still don’t go to church. There is always an excuse… Thats the only day we have all together (my hubby and kids and I). Too tired… Too busy… Too something.. There is always something that is more important than church on Sunday (not really but that’s usually how it works) . I am by no means saying I don’t still worship or pray to God every single day but it’s always nice to have a church family.

I am involved in two different Bible studies and every week there is always something that could keep me from going: my hubby’s work schedule, some activity with the kids, I don’t feel like going, or I’m just tired. On and on the list goes. More often than not I go, and I’m 95% of the time glad I did. Lol, sometimes there is a lot of gossipy drama in one of my studies…. But I think that’s pretty common with most women! Just kidding, but seriously I am a talker! 🙂

Last night, we were discussing what it is to be a good Christian, do we walk the walk that God wants us to walk. One of our ladies spoke up and says this quote “you are not a Christian until someone says that you are a Christian”. Is that true? Do we have to have someone else telling us that we are something to actually be that something.

It’s mind boggling really. We all have very different lives, different perspectives and all around different ways that we worship our God. It is by no means someone else’s job to tell you that you are a believer/follower/Christian. You are what God says you are! You can worship anyway that you see fit for your life and family. Even though we as a family don’t make it to church it doesn’t make us any less of a believer or a Christian. It makes us…. Us…. We are who we are and we are believers, we are Christians and we praise and thank God every day for every single blessing that he gives us.

Believe… Seek…. Praise… And walk the walk that God walks in your own way…

God bless you all!

P. S. Check out Bible journaling it’s amazing and relaxing and a great way to memorize Scripture!! 😀


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