“I Wish He Had Come With Instructions” Mike Bechtle Review



What Is He Really Thinking?

When a woman begins a relationship with a man, she may think she’s found her knight in shining armor. As the relationship continues, that armor can begin to feel like a barricade she just can’t get past it. What’s he hiding in there, anyway?

Relationship and communication expert Mike Bechtle offers women an insider’s guide to the puzzling male brain. Simple and practical, this book provides women with a roadmap for better conversations and improved relationships. Bechtle reminds readers that men and women share many similarities, and by embracing those similarities they can better deal with differences. He explains how men think, act, communicate, and grow in relationships, and even offers tips for communicating in a toxic relationship.

Wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, friends, and coworkers will find real help within these pages.

ย Author:

Mike Bechtle (EdD, Arizona State University) is the author of People Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them the Keys, How to Communicate with Confidence, andYou Can’t Text a Tough Conversation. His articles have appeared in publications such as Writer’s Digest, Pastors.com, and Entrepreneur. A frequent speaker, Bechtle lives in California. Learn more at http://www.mikebechtle.com.



An instructional manual on how your man’s brain functions????? Yes, please! This book is a well balanced funny, yet informative, perspective on men and their behaviors from a man! It was hilarious!

There has been many times in my life that I don’t understand why my husband says or does the things he does. Throughout this entire book, I was laughing and shaking my head in agreement on what the author was saying. It made complete sense! It even gave me some great questions to pose towards my husband to see if he felt the same way the author did. It was great and very enlightening!

It describes that men sometimes feel like they don’t measure up because of the unrealistic characters that are portrayed in books and movies. Men want to be romantic but, “men will never measure up to the scripted, fairy-tale view of romance is what they see and hear, and it seems out of reach.” This is a sad realization for me, and my husband concurred, that men really think that we need the knight and shining armor to come rescue us. Not all of us need or want that, it’s the little things that are meaningful and romantic to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

The best part of this book was that it covered a lot of different things, how to deal with conflicts, emotions and going above and beyond to help your man feel like he is enough. It discusses how sometimes they need reassurance and praise to help them feel more wanted and needed just like women!ย It also discusses the 14 different needs of men, which is a great list!

Quoted from the Book:
“The 14 different needs of Men”

  1. We want you to communicate directly
  2. We love your emotions when you express them well
  3. We want you to be independent
  4. Treat us with Kindness
  5. We respond to praise
  6. We don’t want to cheat on you
  7. We want you to be playful
  8. We need passion
  9. We think and feel deeply
  10. We need your respect and admiration
  11. We need your companion
  12. We need your encouragement
  13. We need you to flirt with us
  14. We need appreciation


Great book, full of lots of great info and pointers for that silly man of yours! I have read self help books before but this one has a great man perspective! He also gives credit to his wife for help with this book!! Another great section of this bookย was the myths about men.

“Myths about Men”

  1. Men don’t have feelings
  2. If men do have feelings, they don’t want to talk about them
  3. Men don’t understand women and don’t want to try
  4. Men are more interested in their work than in their woman
  5. Men are afraid of commitment
  6. Men don’t listen
  7. Men never tell a woman they care about her
  8. When a woman is upset, men are worthless

This is a great book and I will definitely be recommending it to friends. I received this book from Revell publishing in exchange for an honest review.


Want to check it out!!??!?!?

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