“The Rewired Brain” Dr. Ski Chilton with Dr. Margaret Rukstalis and A.J. Gregory




About the Authors:

Dr. Ski Chilton is a professor in the department of physiology and pharmacology at Wake Forest School of Medicine. He has authored or coauthored more than 130 scientific articles and four books, including Inflammation Nation. His work is regularly featured in such venues as WebMD, Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Prevention, the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and more. He lives in North Carolina.

Dr. Margaret Rukstalis is an addiction psychiatrist who has studied the brain and behavior change for over twenty-five years. She received her MD from Dartmouth Medical School, is currently on faculty at Wake Forest School of Medicine, and has coauthored more than fifty scientific articles and book chapters. She lives in North Carolina.

A. J. Gregory is the author of Messy Faith and Silent Savior. She has also partnered with high-profile figures on over thirty-five memoirs and self-help books, some New York Timesย bestsellers. She lives in New Jersey.



Trade Negative Thinking for Confident, Fearless Living

Most of us don’t realize that we have a surprising amount of control over our own thoughts and behaviors and can unintentionally influence our brains negatively, causing cycles of bad choices and experiences.

The ReWired Brain offers a clear framework for understanding our brains and the decisions we make, showing how certain fears and instincts drive unhealthy emotional dysfunctions and related behavioral patterns in the most important areas of life. This book shows how to reframe negative experiences, experience emotional and spiritual healing, and ultimately rewire our brains, empowering to live fearlessly.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, so as soon as I seen this book I was excited! I thought it would be right up my alley, AND it was! I enjoyed the overall book, but there were several chapters that had me bored. I was hoping for an easier read, and not so much a textbook styleย book.

The reflection section helps you to better understand the inner workings of your brain. It helps you to better understand the dual process reasoning, “where it comes from, why it matters, and what happens when one system veers into overdrive.” This was an interesting chapter, it explains how to balance our two ways of reasoning. It points out the section in Romans 7:15, 18-20 how Paul is trying to reason with himself why he mentally chooses one path but follows another. This really hit home for me, I have a giant indecision problem! I have a hard time understanding why I constantly second guess the choice my brain picked out. This chapter really helped me to understand the reasoning behind the craziness in my head.

Each chapter ended with a set of questions to help you to figure out how to rewire your brain. These were interesting questions, but can take up a lot of time. I found myself skipping past a lot of the question. The reframe section was the get to work chapter. It is where they help you to understand what is causing the war in your brain and how to change it. Again lots of questions and they throw in a little history throughout this section.

Finally the Rewire section, is where they put it all together and show you how to use the new knowledge that you have acquired throughout the book.

This book is definitely worth the read, I was however, disappointed in how little the christian/bible link was used. I was hoping for more of a bible centered rewiring of the brain. Decent book, especially if you are into science type books. Won’t be recommending it to friends and family, because I know that this is not their type of book. Kudos to the authors though, well written.

Thanks to Baker Books for allowing me to review!



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