╰☆╮ Wrath by Sienna Valentine ╰☆╮

╰☆╮ Wrath by Sienna Valentine ╰☆╮

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2a6l3Km

Also available on #KindleUnlimited

Danger, violence, and very steamy encounters…

It’s not easy growing up in the shadow of a legacy.

My father built one of the biggest MCs around only to have it all fall apart when he was arrested.

The once feared Brody name was now just a label used to identify us as troublemakers.

But while my siblings wanted to change that reputation, I was ready to embrace it.

I was even considering taking over dad’s throne and rebuilding it all from scratch.

But that was before Beth entered my life and completely changed everything I thought I knew.

She was a pure and innocent Amish girl, anxious for new experiences and adventures.

And she had somehow captured my heart…

Once I fell for her, there was no going back.

Even when danger seemed to come from every direction.

Even with the odds stacked impossibly against us.

I knew I had to save Beth, because she was the only one that could save me.

And don’t forget the other 2 Brody Brothers!

Pride (#1): http://hyperurl.co/0dpgnm

Lust (#2): http://hyperurl.co/mk4oha

The Brody Bunch Wrath

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