“June” Miranda Beverly-Whittemore Review

First off I was super excited to start this book! The plot synopsis was amazing and had me fascinated. Not only was the cover appealing, it was eye-catching and looked good! (I know don’t judge a book by its cover!)  I am a lover of books that incorporate the past and present, but they have to be written correctly with a sense of flow and purpose. This book was not one of those books. I cringed as I read through each page. Not only was the writing horrendous, but the punctuation was killing me slowly with each page. A book should not have that many commas in one sentence. In every sentence….. Seriously it has so many descriptive words smooshed into one sentence I wanted to take a match to the book and watch it blaze into flames.

The plot had so much potential and the other reviews that I have seen on this specific book made it sound like it was an excellent book. It is priced at $26.00, I feel sorry for anyone who would pay that much for this book! It was not worth it and I am happy that I was able to review it for free. I know this is harsh, but honestly….. not worth it. The characters were unrelatable and the inappropriate thoughts that Lindie had towards Cassie add to the dysfunctional theme of this book. There were lots of characters to keep track of throughout the book which becomes tricky when it flips between the past and the present. Overall, I did not enjoy this book and it was very hard to get through it without wanting to throw it across the room.

I know this is a very critical review, but never once in my 30 years of life have I read such a horrendous book. I applaud the author for having a great idea for a book but it really needed to be edited much better than what it was. The details took up an entire page just to describe what the room was like and what the girls were wearing. It also discussed how the house felt and it had a perspective from the house like it was an actual living being (which would be cool if it was written better).  If you don’t have any issues with mistakes like this and over exaggerations of details then this book is for you! But I literally hated it, and I will not recommend it to anyone.





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