“I Take You” a novel by Eliza Kennedy Review

Witty, fun, deceitful, sexual, and downright messed up. Seriously funny book with a twist of what the hell. There are lots of characters, which I don’t like in the first place, with lots of issues and it is hard to keep everyone straight. It is a quick read and flows nicely for the most part, it just gets confusing at times. The main character Lily has super deep emotional issues that she needs to work through in ways other than cheating on her fiance. Throughout the entire book she is doing nothing but flirting with other guys and having sex with several of them, even though she is getting married soon! She has a messed up family with several stepmoms and a philandering father, all whom love her but are seriously messed up themselves. I honestly felt bad for Will, the fiance, but by the time you get to the end you realize that Will and Lily are made for each other. They are all super messed up in this book but it had its hilarious moments. I loved the Grandma, so full of life and sarcastic comments.

There are a lot of psychological problems happening in this book and none of the characters realize they have a problem. Lily eventually realizes she has an issue and starts to blame everyone around her. This is a good lesson, don’t blame others for your mistakes and take responsibility over your actions. This book also conveys a good message about unwavering love between two people. Despite there unfaithfulness towards each other they are still willing to work it out and become better people for each other. This is a great way to end a book, with undying love, but really???? So much unfaithfulness and lying to each other is no way to start a marriage. This was a huge issue for me with this book, I am a traditionalist and if you are in a relationship with someone then be faithful!!! I just don’t understand how she could do that to her fiance when she claimed she loved him. But to each their own I guess.

There were a lot of times that I laughed throughout this book which made it worth reading to the end, but I’m not sure I will be recommending it to anyone.


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