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Devious Revenge by Erin Trejo. The blurb and details are on the form.
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Three books by Susan Child/Honey Haven. Blurbs for all of her books are on the form.
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Betrayed by Penelope Marshall

Also Available on #KindleUnlimited

Chance has been deployed for too long. All he wants to do is get home to his woman and the baby girl she carries.

When he gets there though, Sierra is gone.

He thinks she’s left him, but that all changes with one phone call.

What has happened to Sierra?
Will Chance get to her in time, or will he lose her and their child forever?

Warning! Action packed, with violence, explicit scenes, and bloodshed galore! Enjoy!


╰☆╮ Wrath by Sienna Valentine ╰☆╮

╰☆╮ Wrath by Sienna Valentine ╰☆╮


Also available on #KindleUnlimited

Danger, violence, and very steamy encounters…

It’s not easy growing up in the shadow of a legacy.

My father built one of the biggest MCs around only to have it all fall apart when he was arrested.

The once feared Brody name was now just a label used to identify us as troublemakers.

But while my siblings wanted to change that reputation, I was ready to embrace it.

I was even considering taking over dad’s throne and rebuilding it all from scratch.

But that was before Beth entered my life and completely changed everything I thought I knew.

She was a pure and innocent Amish girl, anxious for new experiences and adventures.

And she had somehow captured my heart…

Once I fell for her, there was no going back.

Even when danger seemed to come from every direction.

Even with the odds stacked impossibly against us.

I knew I had to save Beth, because she was the only one that could save me.

And don’t forget the other 2 Brody Brothers!

Pride (#1):

Lust (#2):

The Brody Bunch Wrath

“Conquering the Bear” Cover Reveal!

A shy billionaire hiding from the world. An easy-going hunk with a secret. Can they win the shifter games without losing each other?

Handsome billionaire Marc Rochester hates the fame that comes with his infamous family’s fortune. He works as a small-time veterinarian and he keeps to himself, until his best friend pushes him to compete in a supernatural competition: the shifter games. When he meets Sylvester at the race, Marc finds there may be advantages to getting out of the house after all. Can Marc take the leap to let somebody in?

Sylvester Burrows is a confident competitor who can’t resist his passionate attraction for Marc. There’s one problem: in just a few short months, Sylvester is moving across the globe for his dream job. He tries not to get too close to the sexily aloof Marc, but Sylvester cannot deny his feelings for long. When fate pushes them together, Sylvester knows he will have to choose between his dreams or his love.

Conquering the Bear is a standalone paranormal romance novella in the “Bear Shifter Games” series, set in a contemporary world filled with unexpected wonders, magic, and suspense. If you like steamy romance, muscle-bound shifters, and unbridled courage, you’ll love AJ Tipton’s breathtaking book.

Buy Conquering the Bear to get in the game today!

More from AJ Tipton

Audiobooks, Translations, and Collections, oh my!



Alpha’s Christmas Flame: This holiday romance for adults includes brave pixies, smoldering
strip-poker, and a firefighter romance that’s too hot to handle.


Alpha’s Territorium: Diese übersinnliche Liebesgeschichte für Erwachsene handelt von attraktiven Bärenwandlern, explosivem Magietraining und einer Romanze am Arbeitsplatz, die so heiß ist, dass sie selbst die kältesten Herzen zum Schmelzen bringt.


Su Valiente Dragón: Esta novela para adultos incluye a enfermeras traviesas, peleas dramáticas entre dragones y un amor apasionado que sana todas las heridas.



Die Bärentrainerin: Die Bärentrainerin ist eine erotische, übersinnliche Erzählung aus der Reihe “Die Bärenwandlerspiele” einer Serie in sich geschlossener, sinnlicher und befriedigender Romane. Wenn Sie sexy Liebesgeschichten, muskelbepackte Gestaltswandler und magische Action mögen, dann werden Sie AJ Tiptons atemberaubendes Buch lieben.


Les Compagnons de l’Alpha: Ce roman torride est destiné aux lecteurs majeurs implique un rôle litéral dans le foin, humide et un incendie sauvage, et un amour magique à la puissance trois.


Alfas ArvingAlfas Arving er en kort paranormal BBW-romanse i serien “Bjørneskifter-milliardæren» (“Bear Shifter Billionaire”), en rekke frittstående fortellinger som tirrer og tilfredsstiller. Hvis du liker dampende romantikk, kokkekunst som får deg til å sikle og opprivende kamper mellom skiftere, vil du elske den fantastiske boken til AJ Tipton.

“Becoming a Woman of Excellence” Cynthia Heald Review

“Through her speaking engagements, books, and Bible studies Cynthia Heald challenges women around the world to become more godly. She is the author of numerous books, including Intimacy with God and the Becoming a Woman of….Bible Study series. Her passion is to help women walk more closely with God and live to their full God-given potential. Cynthia and her husband, Jack, are full time Navigator staff members in Tuscon, Arizona.”

“Society beckons us to succeed-to achieve excellence in our appearance, our earning power, our family life. God Himself also beckons us to be women of excellence. But what exactly is He asking? If you’re hungry for God’s perspective on success in a society that bombards you with conflicting demands, feed on the truths of God’s Word that you’ll discover in these pages. Not only will you learn to “approve the things that are excellent,” but you will experience the joy of becoming God’s woman of excellence. Extensively revised and updated for the thirtieth anniversary edition.”

This bible study was a great follow-up to the book I just read “In the Fields of Grace” by Tessa Afshar.

The preface of this book begins with the author reflecting on the life of Ruth. “While reading through the book of Ruth, I was struck by Boaz’s praise of Ruth: Now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you whatever you ask, for all my people in the city know that you are a woman of excellence (Ruth 3:11) My immediate response to this passage was to ask , What made Ruth a woman of excellence?”- Cynthia Heald

Honestly, how do you become a woman of excellence? How do you become a woman worthy of God’s love and acceptance? Well this book is a great place to start. It is a great study to do alone or as a group. When I first received the book I was in love with it from the very beginning, so I discussed it with my bible study group and they loved it too! It has lots of good bible verses in it that really make you stop and think about life and love and being a woman of excellence! I love the story of Ruth and I love how much the author uses her life as an example.

I love how the author labels one of the sections as “Thoughts and Reflections from an Older Woman”. This author is very relateable and makes you want to read and interact with her. It is a minimal homework bible study which was nice. It even comes with a guide for bible study leaders to use! Super easy and fun study to do! It was enjoyable doing the study alone but it was even more fun when you have other women to relate to and study the bible with! Love, love, love this study! I have already recommended it to several people and I will definitely be recommending it to many more. Definitely one of my favorite studies!





“In the Field of Grace” Tess Afshar Review


“Tess Afshar was voted New Author of the Year by the Family Fiction-sponsored Reader’s Choice Award 2011 for her novel Pearl in the Sand. She was born in Iran, lived there for fourteen years, and attended an English boarding school before moving to the United States. Her conversion to  Christianity in her twenties changed the course of her life forever. Tessa holds an MDiv from Yale University where she served as co-chair of the Evangelical Fellowship at the Divinity School. She has served in Christian work ever since.”

“Love Resurrected from lifeless dreams happens in the arms of a loving God”


“Without the wealth or family, the widow Ruth left her people and followed Naomi, her beloved Hebrew mother-in-law, to rebuild Naomi’s home in Israel. Provisions gone and starvation at the door, Ruth used all that she had left- a strong back and a willing heart-to gather grain in a field, abandoned after the harvest. Tormented by others, Ruth is shocked to find the owner of the field watching her. Talking to her. Bringing food to her and Naomi. Boaz tells himself his kindness toward Ruth is repayment for the love she has shown to his cousin Naomi. But his heart knows better.”

One of the best books that I have read in a long time. The story of Ruth is one of my favorites from the bible and I love how this author was able to portray such a fascinating story into a full-blown novel. She was an amazing woman and this book will have you happy, sad, worried and every other emotion imaginable. I love how Ruth was able to come to pure faith and happiness from nothing. She found and lost love, but was able to carry on with more faith in a God that she didn’t grow up worshiping. She shows us that despite the bad things going on in our lives, God is there in so many ways if we just listen.

The love story between Ruth and Boaz is unlike anything you’ll ever read. It is true, heartfelt love that goes above and beyond. Both of them have been through so much, but despite all things they were brought together. They both have great faith in the Lord. Their faithfulness to him is humbling and makes me personally want to do better. Their strength and their ability to give everything to the Lord is just amazing. I know that this is a bible story, but the way that it reads it is more of romantic love story between the main characters and God. The childbirth of Obed was a very stressful chapter for me! I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen, was she gonna live or die like Judith????? (Boaz’s first wife) (Not a spoiler! I promise its in the prologue).

Then once that amazing story was over, it continues with an intriguing epilogue that really wraps up the whole story. It is fascinating to see how some of the main people in the bible are related to each other! Definitely a book worth reading! Loved it from start to finish! Great opener and a great way to finish!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I will definitely be recommending this book to friends! I have already done so while reading at the coffee shop the other day! The cover is appealing and the synopsis makes you yearn for more. Great book! I look forward to reading more by this author!!!



Watching Movies as Parents

Anyone else have a hard time watching any movie that is not animated while having kids? I swear, it is the toughest thing sometime for my husband and I to get through any movie without having to stop it. I never know what is going on or the kids are being so loud that I give up on trying to understand what the characters are saying. We even have a rule that if mommy and daddy want to watch a movie then the kids get electronic devices for that period of time. You’d think that would be enough to keep the little boogers quiet right? Yea, no….. Mommy its broken, I can’t play this game, I don’t know how to play this game….etc….etc….it goes on forever….

I love my kids more than anything in this world but sometimes I want to watch a movie, in its entirety and actually understand what I watched. You’d think we’d stay up long enough to watch a movie after the kiddos go to bed. No, by that time we are both pooped out either headed straight for bed or doing work for our jobs. So yea, movie time for Mommy and Daddy is almost nonexistent in this house.

It was really fun trying to watch Deadpool with the kids on their devices, it’s a very colorful movie….. but it’s one of my favorites!!! 🙂

From now on I think it’s best to watch them after they go to bed tired or not, busy or not! 😉

Some of our favorites from lately are :


London Has Fallen

Eddie the Eagle

Kung Fu Panda (Yes I know this is a kids movie, but I enjoyed it)

Zootopia (Yes I’m a mom and a little kid at heart)



What’s a favorite of yours!!???!?!?!? I’d love to hear your comments!


Free in Kindle Unlimited!!

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All of Jordan Marie Author Page books are #FREE in #KindleUnlimited or just .99 each!
Breaking Dragon:
Saving Dancer:
Loving Nicole:
Claiming Crusher:
Trusting Bull:
The Perfect Stroke:
Baylee Rose Books
Unlawful Seizure:
Unjustified Demands:

Cover Reveal!


A murder that’s not as straight forward as it seems. A crew of hit men whose world is about to get a little bit darker …

When one of their own is killed in cold blood, the Butcher Boys are forced to look outside their circle of trust for help. Estranged families, histories buried, and alliances with the people they least expect to have on side—the Fallen Aces MC. What starts as a journey for revenge, ends as a bloody drug-fuelled war for survival.

In a world of brutal paybacks and ruthless bartering, can there be room for love? Or will the lawless life they lead bear too much pain for the heart to overcome?

Devil You Know
Devil on Your Back
Devil May Care
Devil in the Detail
Devil Smoke

Amazon US:
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Amazon AU:
Amazon CA:

“The Bernstein Bear’s Caring and Sharing Treasury” Review

I am a huge fan of kids books! Growing up the Bernstein Bear’s were always a favorite of mine! I loved the family, their silly antics and the adorable tree house that they lived in. “Too Much Vacation” was always one of my favorites and I remember reading it with my Mom over and over again. So when my oldest son came home from Kindergarten with a Bernstein Bear’s book in his backpack I jumped for joy! He loves these books and it is something that we can all enjoy together as family.

When I ordered this book to review I assumed it was just one book, but I was wrong!! It is several stories in one! It is a great set to add to your kid’s collection! The animation is just as I remember it as a kid, vibrant colors and beautiful artwork. I truly enjoy these books and they come with a great lesson for life in each book. We ended up reading the entire set as soon as I received it in the mail! Such a great set of books!! I will definitely be recommending this book to all my mom friends! 🙂



“June” Miranda Beverly-Whittemore Review

First off I was super excited to start this book! The plot synopsis was amazing and had me fascinated. Not only was the cover appealing, it was eye-catching and looked good! (I know don’t judge a book by its cover!)  I am a lover of books that incorporate the past and present, but they have to be written correctly with a sense of flow and purpose. This book was not one of those books. I cringed as I read through each page. Not only was the writing horrendous, but the punctuation was killing me slowly with each page. A book should not have that many commas in one sentence. In every sentence….. Seriously it has so many descriptive words smooshed into one sentence I wanted to take a match to the book and watch it blaze into flames.

The plot had so much potential and the other reviews that I have seen on this specific book made it sound like it was an excellent book. It is priced at $26.00, I feel sorry for anyone who would pay that much for this book! It was not worth it and I am happy that I was able to review it for free. I know this is harsh, but honestly….. not worth it. The characters were unrelatable and the inappropriate thoughts that Lindie had towards Cassie add to the dysfunctional theme of this book. There were lots of characters to keep track of throughout the book which becomes tricky when it flips between the past and the present. Overall, I did not enjoy this book and it was very hard to get through it without wanting to throw it across the room.

I know this is a very critical review, but never once in my 30 years of life have I read such a horrendous book. I applaud the author for having a great idea for a book but it really needed to be edited much better than what it was. The details took up an entire page just to describe what the room was like and what the girls were wearing. It also discussed how the house felt and it had a perspective from the house like it was an actual living being (which would be cool if it was written better).  If you don’t have any issues with mistakes like this and over exaggerations of details then this book is for you! But I literally hated it, and I will not recommend it to anyone.