Irene Hannon’s “Sea Rose Lane”

Great book! This book has a lot going on and was a tad hard to get into, but once it finally starts to pick up speed it’s a non stop journey through so many emotions! BJ isΒ  someone we can all relate to, a woman with insecurities. She has a rough and heart-wrenching past that makes you feel sorry for her, yet admire her at the same time. Eric is that high flying guy with the good looks that makes BJ leary of his intentions. But once she finally comes to know him, deep down he is a good person. She is slowly falling in love with him and he is slowly figuring out his life needs to change. It is a beautiful story of triumph, love, trust, friendship and leaning on God at all times. There is a lot of faith in this book, a small undercurrent of religion. BUT it is interwoven into the story in such a way that it doesn’t take away from the characters or the plot. I truly enjoyed getting to know each of these characters and the author gave them all very detailed pasts and backgrounds. It is very well written and I would definitely recommend it to everyone! πŸ™‚


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