Review of Tina Forkner’s”Nashville by Heart”

A love story at its finest! Gotta love the drama, the boots and the hunky music man. So much to wrap your head around in this book, a strong independent women looking to make her mark on the world with a beautiful voice. She has what it takes but will she get wrapped up in a love affair with something other than her music? A hunky music exec that has a way with the ladies has found a soft spot for Gillian. Should he make a move? Should she deny the love that lies below the surface? So many questions!! It had me racing through the chapters just to see what was going to happen!
There is always something intriguing about these kind of books, a strong female lead and a budding romance that keeps you on your toes! I enjoyed every minute of this book and would love to see a sequel! Such a great dynamic between the two characters that you can’t help but love!
I will definitely be recommending to my friends! 🙂







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