Marcus Brotherton “Feast for Thieves” Review

“Preaching or Prison, an impossible choice for a man who usually solves his problems with a rifle or his fists”

This book is full of never-ending drama! I loved it! Rowdy is a rough around the edges kind of guy that you can’t help but relate to. We’ve all made mistakes, sinned in some way, but he found God along the way and changed into someone he never thought he could be. The book starts out with a bank robbery gone bad and takes us through Rowdy’s transformation into a completely different person. He finds God, even though his life is turned completely upside down, he truly finds God. It’s amazing and reminds us that irregardless of the sins we have committed, God still loves us. There is always hope for redemption. I loved how it tied in different Bible verses throughout the story. Rowdy had such a hard time coming to terms with his new job, and it made me chuckle more than once. Playing out his transformation in my head from a broken to saved man was not only eye-opening, but comical. He blossomed, each week he got better and had a better understanding of the bible and God’s purpose for him. Which should give us all hope! We can do anything, with God’s help and determination!

The book was written as a first person narrative, which was interesting. It made me feel like I was reading Rowdy’s journal or like I was there listening to him tell the story. I don’t read too many books in first person narrative, but I truly enjoyed it. I was never once bored and the entire book was very descriptive. Again, I felt like I was there! The way the author described the town and the beautiful yellow poppies, I could see it in my mind clear as day. I love when a book can paint a clear picture for you of where the characters are. It was overall a great book and I would definitely recommend it to family and friends!!!

Check it out!!



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