Sheila Walsh “The Longing In Me” review

Great content! Poorly executed! I enjoyed this book it has a lot of potential and I heard a lot of good reviews from several of my friends. I was very excited to start this book, but unfortunately I found myself wishing I was done with it. It has so much to offer, the biblical story of David and the personal life story of Sheila Walsh. It was interspersed between the two topics which was great but the switching back and forth between numerous different dates made it confusing. I enjoyed her story and it is definitely a book of overcoming emotional life obstacles and finding God. I loved the content but would only rate it 4 out of 5 just because of the flippy floppyness of it all. She had a lot of great insight and helpful pointers to connect more with God. She has a great first person point of view, I felt like she was talking right to me. Good book, but could use some better organization. Probably would recommend it to friends and family!


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