Review of “Together at the Table”

Author of Book: Hillary Manton Lodge

Recipes galore! So many awesome recipes, not only does this author make you hungry for whatever it is the characters are making, you can make it too!! This book is jammed packed with food, family, love and tragedy. Even though this is the third book in the series, and I have not read the other two, it is so well written that there was no gaps in the story. This was a stand alone book, if you have read the other two I’m sure it would have made the series even better, even without reading the others I still loved it and was not disappointed. The only thing that was confusing was the fact that there were lots of characters and it switched back and forth between present and past. It was a wonderful story though. Starting out we meet Juliette looking for answers about her heritage and losing her mom. It’s a sad time followed by an unwanted proposal and uncertainty about life in general. The intertwining of two different love stories makes this an all around lovable romantic book. I loved the way the story included not only a romantic side but also one of mystery. There was so much to unfold in this book, so many intriguing layers, that it made you excited to get to the end so that you would finally have the answers! I found myself so intrigued with the story, how neat would it be to have old love letters from your grandma and grandpa? It’s an amazing love story that ends with a mysterious revelation and an overwhelming outpouring of love and true bonding from an entire family. I truly enjoyed this book! The only issue I had was when the characters were reading the diary, the font was almost too small and made it difficult to read. Overall a great book, I am now going to hunt down the 1st and 2nd book of this series to see if it was just as great as this one!

Available: Amazon




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