Review of “Rise and Shine”

I am a sucker for anything dog/animal related! So when I seen this awesome cover on this book I was super excited to read it. Not only was this book a good reminder to reach for God in times of need, but it was also a modern day fairy tale worth the read. A damsel in distress, we root for poor Shannon. She has had her fair share of bad things happen to her and you can’t help but fall in love with her. The poor thing just can’t seem to catch a break but despite the things that have happened to her, she is a trooper. She has overcome the odds of surviving a 10 year long coma to enter a world that is scary and so unknown to her. Then enters her crazy Aunts and a man that has known only her coma-self that ultimately falls in love with her. Daniel is definitely her sun in an otherwise dark and confusing life. I can’t imagine losing that many years from my life and not remembering much from your past.

The test of her faith is worth mentioning. She once based her life around her undying love that she had in God. Once coming out of her coma she questioned why would God punish her and take away so much from her life. Thanks to Daniel, God became important to her again and she was renewed in her faith. It was one of those books that made you really think. It was a good reminder to cherish everyday and to never take things for granted.

This book was an amazing read! One that I finished in one day! I could not get enough of this book, I honestly wish there was a sequel. I will definitely be reading other books from this author and will for sure recommend it to my friends and family! Kudos to the author Sandra D. Bricker!



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