Review of “The Valkyrie Project”

Valkyrie Project, author Nels Wadycki

Bad ass chick, bad ass job, sad back story. The typical story that has the action, adventure, technology and characters to love and cheer for. The cover of this book had me intrigued and ready to find out what it was all about, but unfortunately I was a tad disappointed. At first I was really into the story, it had me captivated by what the story could hold. The action on a deserted island had me wishing for more. It was our heroin going after the bad guy, saving the hostage and blowing the bad guys brains all over a tiny shack. Yes, I was hooked. But shortly after the gory intro I was bored. I had a hard time following the flow of the story when if flipped back and forth between the present and the past. All while introducing a slew of new characters. Then there was a little more excitement when Ana went rogue and saved 36 people singlehandedly. Again I was snoozing through the rest of the book. The budding relationship between Ana and Jrue held my attention and the occasional outbreak of something exciting. But I literally trudged through this book wth the hopeful anticipation that it might eventually pick up and be interesting. It was definitely not my cup of tea, but for others it might be an amazing work of fiction. I applaud the author though for being able to concoct such a technologically advanced civilization along with technologically advanced weapons and transportation. Despite the lack of interest in the story on my part, all-in-all it was well written with just a few spelling mistakes. I would not personally read this again but I would recommend it to any of my friends that are interested in this type of sci-fi fiction. I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to review this book through Story Cartel.



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