Review of “The Alliance”

The Alliance
Author: Jolina Petersheim

A plane crash, an apocalypse, and forbidden love…. All things that make up an intriguing book, right? Um…. No. This book has a lot to offer, but unfortunately never got the momentum I had hoped for. It starts out with a bang, the plane crash in the middle of a Mennonite community…. Oooh a mystery… No power, no reasoning for this plane crashing… will the pilot survive?… More mystery….. Well holy crap you got me… I was ready for a crazy awesome story to be unraveled. Well unfortunately, I still have no idea what the hell happened. It is a tale of a love triangle, simple as that. There was so many places this plot could’ve taken us, I mean seriously it’s an apocalypse. Yes, they had violence and guns and people roaming about but there was no ending! I sure hope there is a second book, if not I am deeply disappointed. I had a hard time getting into this book. I had hoped it would eventually start to unravel and give me some answers! It only ended with me literally saying…. What the hell?

Seriously, a good plot line, but definitely needs some work or a second, maybe third book??? Give me answers! Dang it! Would not recommend this book to friends or family, unless you like being confused then by all means go at it! 🙂


Cover Reveal “Finding Peace”

▬▬▬▬▬★☆ Cover Reveal ▬▬▬▬▬★☆

Title: Finding Peace (Breaking Free Series Book 2)
Author: Author Becca Taylor
Photographer: Kruse Images & Photography: Models & Boudoir
Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs
Cover Models: William Scott & Faith Goodard
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Alyssa Amsel is tired of promises, especially broken ones. The plan is to build a home and a life with her long-time boyfriend, Mike. With each passing day, her dreams of that future seem to slip further away. When their living arrangements grow chaotic, Alyssa makes a decision that she hopes will bring peace back into her life. What she isn’t expecting is Bentley Jacobs.
From the moment Bentley first lays his eyes on Alyssa, he wants to claim her. However, timing and luck are not on his side. When fate steps in, giving him a second chance, Bentley is determined to be her knight in shining armor. He wants to sweep her off her feet and give her the life he knows she deserves.
Will Alyssa ever look at Bentley as more than just a friend? What will it take for to her realize her missing peace is only steps away?

“Aly, any guy would want you. You’re smart, fun, cook like a pro, not to mention beautiful. Not just beautiful, you’re sexy as hell.”
With my last words, her head snaps back towards me. “What did you say?”
I repeat myself. “You’re smart, fun…”
She cuts me off before I finish, “Not that, Bentley. The last thing.” And I think I may have revealed too much.
“You’re beautiful and sexy.” All of a sudden, she does what I wanted her to do since I first met her. She grabs my head, pulling my mouth to hers. I’m not talking about just a little peck on the lips either. I’m talking about the kind of kiss that has me hard as a rock in seconds.
I wrap my arms around her waist to pull her closer. At first, she just uses her lips and damn, if they aren’t the softest lips I’ve ever felt. I tease her bottom lip with my tongue. She moans and I slide in, instantly rolling her tongue with mine.

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Finding Home:
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Cover Reveal!! “Aldin’s Wish”

★★Cover Reveal★★

Title: Aldin’s Wish
Series: Enchanted Immortals Book 1
Author: F.G. Adams
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: June 15, 2016
In the beginning there were five Immortals. They walked, lived and loved amidst humans. After a while they began to create new creatures. Beings with gifts bestowed upon them. Guardians for the human race. Three races were conceived: Necromancer, Shifter, and Vampire.

This is one of the stories…

Aldin Kovac dreams of a life of riches and wealth where every wish is his command. When a stranger approaches him in an alley offering him a new life, he can’t believe his newfound luck. Until he wakes up a Vampire. As fate would have it, Aldin meets a beautiful doctor who changes his world again. Unknowingly, she holds the key to his entire existence.

Dr. Wren Bishop has dedicated her life to her patients, committed herself to her work. She doesn’t have time for relationships or a family of her own. A one night stand with a stranger from a bar, stirs a passion and desire she’s never known. A connection forged by something unearthly. A longing for things she has never felt before takes hold of her and she’ll never be the same.

When their paths cross, sparks fly and passion ignites. Fueled by a force that’s beyond this world, the couple forms a bond that will not be denied. When a long time evil is resurrected, Aldin must protect his unknowing mate at all cost.

Will the dominant beast tame the strong-willed doctor? Or will fate cruelly destroy all hopes of a future together?



Review of “Together at the Table”

Author of Book: Hillary Manton Lodge

Recipes galore! So many awesome recipes, not only does this author make you hungry for whatever it is the characters are making, you can make it too!! This book is jammed packed with food, family, love and tragedy. Even though this is the third book in the series, and I have not read the other two, it is so well written that there was no gaps in the story. This was a stand alone book, if you have read the other two I’m sure it would have made the series even better, even without reading the others I still loved it and was not disappointed. The only thing that was confusing was the fact that there were lots of characters and it switched back and forth between present and past. It was a wonderful story though. Starting out we meet Juliette looking for answers about her heritage and losing her mom. It’s a sad time followed by an unwanted proposal and uncertainty about life in general. The intertwining of two different love stories makes this an all around lovable romantic book. I loved the way the story included not only a romantic side but also one of mystery. There was so much to unfold in this book, so many intriguing layers, that it made you excited to get to the end so that you would finally have the answers! I found myself so intrigued with the story, how neat would it be to have old love letters from your grandma and grandpa? It’s an amazing love story that ends with a mysterious revelation and an overwhelming outpouring of love and true bonding from an entire family. I truly enjoyed this book! The only issue I had was when the characters were reading the diary, the font was almost too small and made it difficult to read. Overall a great book, I am now going to hunt down the 1st and 2nd book of this series to see if it was just as great as this one!

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Yum-O Peanut Butter Fudge!!

I am a fudge lover, I love to try fudge of all kinds! I will never forget going to a fudge factory as a child every time we went to Branson, Mo. We would set and watch them make the fudge in anticipation of trying some once they were finished! It was my favorite part of our trip. So I am always up for trying new recipes!


Here is a yummy recipe for Peanut Butter Fudge:


Unfortunately, there is no link on the Pinterest pin but it is definitely worth trying out! It was delicious. My only suggestion is to add a little more powdered sugar so its a stiffer consistency before it is put in the fridge. It is amazing and my husband said to never make it again! He made himself sick on it! 🙂 It is super yummy!!


What is your favorite recipe?? I’d love to swap recipes!! Will be sharing more soon!

Review of “The Dream Killer of Paris”

Upon reading the synopsis of this book I was intrigued and genuinely excited about reading this book! I enjoy books that are set in the past. Once I started reading this book, I was really disappointed. It jumped into the story as if we should know what was going on and who the characters were. I investigated and found this was indeed a second in a series. I was gravely disappointed and had a hard time finding the first book in the series. The story did pick up a little the farther I got into the book, but overall it was disappointing.

As it starts we find the detective duo in an apartment, discussing a 70 year old case. This was confusing since I hadn’t read this first book, which tended to be the case throughout the entire book. There was a lot of references to the 1st book which made it a tad hard to understand what was going on. Even though there were few characters in this book, I felt like I didn’t really know them at all.

The plot sounded good to begin with but it never really took off and I felt like it could have used some more development. There were several errors and edits that should have been caught, it was very repetitive. Overall an interesting book but really never caught or kept my attention. I had a really hard time getting through this book. I would not recommend it.





Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s your day ladies!! I hope and pray you all are having a great day!!!!

I have been a mom for 6 years now and it is by far the best job that I have ever had. Yes my kids drive me crazy, yes I want to run away and hide every once in a while, and yes sometimes I lose my temper and I feel like a mother who has failed. But honestly parenting is rough, it is difficult at times, but it is the most amazing experience that you will ever have.

Despite the poopy diapers and the no sleep that you will get for several years after birthing your beautiful bundle of joy, it is worth it. They grow up too fast, passing milestones too quickly. It makes me sad, yet I couldn’t be happier seeing my three boys grow and experience life. The future is scary. The future is full of unknown ups and downs and I will always worry about my boys. But I hope upon hope that I am capable, my husband and I, of raising respectable, respectful young men. So to all of you Mom’s out there this is your day to relish in the fact that you birthed a ginormous child out of a tiny hole. You are wonder woman! You have been blessed! Enjoy the pampering, even if you don’t get it, take some time to yourself today and be thankful for the things that you have. Always be thankful, because those days of pulling your hair will soon be over. Snuggle them while you can! Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!!!!



A very thankful mom who is tired and pretty sure I’m screwing it up all the time…..

Review of children’s book “Little One, God Made you Special”

Very sweet book! The cover of this is amazingly adorable and my kids loved listening to the story over and over again. It is a good reminder for kids of how much God loves them! I truly enjoyed this book and will cherish it for years to come. Each of my kids 2, 4, and 6 enjoyed this book just as much as I did. They all especially enjoyed the silly little duckling in the bubble bath. Super cute book with beautiful illustrations, that are superbly drawn and detailed. The fur on the animals makes you just want to reach out and pet them! Very vibrant and full of character! I would recommend this book to anyone!!!





Review of “Rise and Shine”

I am a sucker for anything dog/animal related! So when I seen this awesome cover on this book I was super excited to read it. Not only was this book a good reminder to reach for God in times of need, but it was also a modern day fairy tale worth the read. A damsel in distress, we root for poor Shannon. She has had her fair share of bad things happen to her and you can’t help but fall in love with her. The poor thing just can’t seem to catch a break but despite the things that have happened to her, she is a trooper. She has overcome the odds of surviving a 10 year long coma to enter a world that is scary and so unknown to her. Then enters her crazy Aunts and a man that has known only her coma-self that ultimately falls in love with her. Daniel is definitely her sun in an otherwise dark and confusing life. I can’t imagine losing that many years from my life and not remembering much from your past.

The test of her faith is worth mentioning. She once based her life around her undying love that she had in God. Once coming out of her coma she questioned why would God punish her and take away so much from her life. Thanks to Daniel, God became important to her again and she was renewed in her faith. It was one of those books that made you really think. It was a good reminder to cherish everyday and to never take things for granted.

This book was an amazing read! One that I finished in one day! I could not get enough of this book, I honestly wish there was a sequel. I will definitely be reading other books from this author and will for sure recommend it to my friends and family! Kudos to the author Sandra D. Bricker!


Review of the NLT Girls Slimline Bible

Love love love this Bible! It is so cute! From the soft faux fur cover outlined in sparkly silver to the pink inside pages, it is definitely a fashionable Bible for ant young woman. My favorite part is the quote on the inside of you cover! This is an NLT version, which is an easier read for anyone ready to dig deep into the bible. I don’t have any young girls of my own but I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome Bible! My 13 year old niece thought this Bible was super awesome! Great way to make kids more interested in the Bible!!