WebMD certifiably crazy….

I love WebMD, I really do, but it is seriously the Twilight Zone. I go on there to try to figure out what is wrong with my kids or myself and I come off of it worse for the wear. Then I scour the internet to find more information about the deadly disease that we may all have. It is a downward spiral that needs to stop! Lol, but it won’t, I am an overprotective mother who needs to know what is happening at that very second. It never fails my kids always get hurt or sick on a Friday evening. So then I have the entire weekend to work myself into hysteria, continuing to search for that dreaded outcome that I know I will find if I just continue to look. I will eventually find what is wrong with us, even if it’s miles from the truth.

Monday morning go to the Dr., because I have successfully freaked myself out, convinced that I know what I am talking about because I used WebMD for goodness sakes! Then it turns out we are already over it or are already past the worst of whatever virus/illness they or myself has had.

It never fails, whatever is going on with us is never what WebMD says it was and then I feel like a crazy person that should have known better! 🙂

In all actuality WebMD is a useful and helpful tool when used in the correct manner and not by a psycho mommy that needs answers immediately.

So in the future, I will try not to go overboard but really there are no guarantees in the life of a crazy mommy. 🙂 As always take what the internet says lightly, it is not the root of truth but rather the root of all evil.

Goodnight fellow bloggers/readers, try not to be drawn in by the allure of WebMD. 😉





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