For the Love of Spring

I LOVE SPRING! It is so amazing to feel the warm breeze and to see the beautiful flowers sprouting up everywhere.

Unfortunately, Spring HATES me! My allergies are horrible year round, but with all of the lovely pollen floating through the air this time of year I feel like I should be in a bubble. Sneeze…..sneeze……sneeze…cough……cough……cough. ACHOOOOOOOOO! That is my life, day in and day out during spring. 🙂 To make myself feel better I choose to look at all that God has given us and cherish each warm pollen filled breeze and every beautiful pollen filled flower. I choose to capture those moments with my favorite camera, my trusty Nikon. (I have dabbled in photography for years and love the ability to capture a fleeting moment in history) The past will always be in the past, the moments soaring by can never be recaptured. The ability to take a photograph and cherish the moment and the picture all at once is an amazing feeling. So here are a few pictures I have captured the past few weeks! Hope you ENJOY! 🙂 More to come soon!!!








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