Review of the “Mapmakers Children”

This book was amazing! It was really hard for me to get into for the first 5-6 chapters but once you finally get into the flow of the story and understand what is going on it was a “have-to-finish now” situation! The reason that I was unable to follow the story until that far into the book was because the author had several characters that were involved in the main plot line. So those first few chapters had me scratching my head as to who that person was and what part do they have in the overall story-line. Another reason for my dislike of the first few chapters was that it was an alternating story in each chapter. One chapter started out in the 1800’s setting up the story for what was to come and give you the background of how the whole story would eventually tie together. The second chapter was in the year 2014 with entirely different characters and an entirely different situation going on. I really had to force myself to get through these first chapters. There was so much information packed into these opening chapters that it was really confusing and made me not want to keep reading. But I am so glad that I powered through and finished the book!! Once you get past the opening introductions of the intertwining stories, it is truly a magical, eye opening story. The amount of sorrow that the Brown family endures trying to help those in need of safety during times of slavery is heartbreaking. It is interesting how each of them coped with the loss of their beloved father. How they coped with sickness that had no cure at the time, the battles, the secrecy and the constant threat on their lives. The way she sets up the story so that the end you have this feeling of closure; the questions everyone have are answered and there is simply this relief that washes over you as the story ends. There is a happy ending for everyone.Β It is truly amazing! I laughed, I cried and I was angry throughout the entire book. I fell in love with both the past and the present characters and found myself immersed in each of their worlds. I lost myself in their sorrows and their triumphs, rooting for everything to turn out just how it was supposed to be. My heart broke for the characters, but was uplifted by the overall message of the book. Never give up.. That is really what this book is about, overcoming the odds and never giving up! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, with the disclaimer: If you get past the informative chapters, it will steal your heart! A very well written book that needs to be in your to-read stack!!!!




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