Pinterest love!

I mean seriously who doesn’t LOVE Pinterest!!?!?!?!?!? I do!!! 🙂 AND I know lots of you guys do too!

I always pin a million things and then most of the time I never look at them again. Or while I’m scrolling through my pinned items, I think why the hell did I ever pin that in the first place?!? I mean really will I ever do that? LOL! I do get a lot of good ideas on Pinterest, and the kids seem to enjoy most of the experiments or crafts that we decide to do. But sometimes it doesn’t always work out, that is evident for many people given the many Pinterest fail pictures on the internet! Some of those are priceless!!! 🙂

Like this morning, my kiddos were bored and were wanting to make something new! So we started out with some coffee playdough fun (found here) with some random toys and dinosaurs. It was a great recipe and the kids had so much fun playing with it! But it only lasted about 20 minutes!

Here are some pics of the fun:





So then next we tried this sparkly dough recipe (thinking it would work better!)

This one didn’t even make it out of the kitchen lol! It said to use a gel baffe or an inside of a diaper which would work either way! Well, fail!!! An inside of a diaper does not work!!! LOL! It was nothing but a big mess, the pictures on her blog were super cool and it looked like a ton of fun but unfortunately the diaper insides DO NOT WORK!!! I would recommend buying the gel baffe off of Amazon or the fake snow.

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