My New Obsession!!! Bible Journaling

I don’t know if you are all up to date with all the amazing new trends out there! I know I’m not! BUT, one of the ones I have seen is Bible Journaling!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

Soooooo……I bought what I thought that I wanted right before Christmas and unfortunately it was not what I wanted (online purchases sometimes don’t come as expected!!). So I left it  to sit in a drawer unused and unloved. THEN… day at our local coffee shop I found an awesome bible that was just what I wanted! It was beautiful, had a cover that was silky soft and beautifully decorated in flowers of all colors, a bird and a butterfly and to top it off it had pre-decorated pages ready for coloring inside! I was a little taken aback as I turned this gorgeous bible over and seen how much it cost. I’m a cheapskate sometimes, which is not surprising if you know what it’s like to live on a teacher’s salary. (that’s a whole different blog post that I’ll rant about later) But this bible called my name for weeks as it set on this beautiful display surrounded by other coffee related items and Francine Rivers books (also another favorite author). Each time I went to visit the shop for a nice cup of hot joe, it stared at me beckoning me to touch its silky smooth cover and fill it with my favorite passages in the wide note spaces on each side of the delicate pages.

Soooooo did I buy it??????

Of course I did! But not until almost a month after I first laid eyes on this beauty!!! It’s amazing and worth every penny. It has been such fun so far reading the easy to read passages (it’s an NLT version, which I have never had and it’s awesome!!) and coloring a few pages. Of course I haven’t made it too far yet. Kids and such, you know make it difficult!

So here are few of the beautiful pages for your viewing pleasure!!! If you are interested in purchasing these beauties they are available on Amazon for a bit cheaper, but they are currently on back order. (THIS IS A NLT VERSION, IT IS AVAILABLE IN OTHER VERSIONS AS WELL)

Available from:










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