Review of “Groovy 70’s: Fashion Coloring Book For Adults”

I am in LOVE with adult coloring books!! I won a free copy of “Groovy 70’s: Fashion Coloring Book For Adults” from and I LOVED it!!! I have always been a lover of the early 1900’s through the 70’s fashion, once you hit the 80’s it kind of turned into a slippery slope of bad wardrobe choices. :0 Anyways this coloring book was so full of detail that I was overjoyed by the fact that I get to personally choose the colors to go with this groovy fashion! It was so much fun!! Of course my children wanted to help too, and they enjoyed coloring it too! Boy was it some interesting pieces of fashion from them! 🙂 If you are an adult coloring book lover too this is definitely something to add to your buy list!



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Review of children’s book “Elle the Entrepreneur”

Very cute story! Great for boys and girls of all ages. My kids enjoyed the colorful pages and the overall message of the story was very uplifting. Work hard and always follow your dreams! Elle is such a cute little girl so full of hope and excitement for her new job! It is a great story to teach kids about hard work and determination. She saves up her earnings so that she can put the money in her piggy bank! It is so adorable! Her parents were a great example; not only encouraging her, but assisting in making flyers for her new business. It is a cute story and my kids enjoyed reading it and they are 2, 4 &6!  It is a little bit of a longer story around 35 pages total of reading, which can be a little much for younger kids but the colorful pictures should keep them interested! Very cute story and will be reading it again soon!


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Review of “Room for Hope” Kim Vogel Sawyer

Get ready! This story is a whirlwind of a tale and it kept me captivated until the very last word. Set back in the early 1900’s we begin with a young family awaiting their traveling, mercantile owning father to return home after a long journey of selling merchandise. Then, shortly after the story begins our characters Neva, Bud and Belle are met with heartache, loss and a total upheaval of their lives. There is so much raw emotion from each of the characters throughout their entire story it makes it hard to not love all of them!

Neva, our strong willed heroine of the story, that took an impossible situation and turned it into a loving, safe haven for her all of the children in her life. Jesse Caudel, the knight in shining armor who despite being the bearer of bad news in the beginning, became almost the hero of the story. He was there for her in the good times and the bad even despite her entire world crumbling down around her. Arthur the good old neighbor that Warren hated from the beginning became an unexpected friend and possibly more for the future. Their story was definitely left unwritten, but with so many possibilities in the air I can only imagine what the author had in store for them and the entire Shilling family.

There is a lot of information to take in throughout the book, but it flows so nicely and the characters are introduced at a pace that makes it easy to follow and understand. Thoroughly enjoyed this book!!!!

Growing up in a small town myself I found this story so much more relatable. I fully understand the hospitality and the hostility a small town can show upon a person. Also being from Kansas I totally understood what the characters were talking about in regards to the windy Kansas days that they were experiencing.(The book was set in Buffalo Creek, Kansas). I truly enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. It made me laugh, cry, cringe and yell out in angst but I enjoyed every minute of it. I will definitely be recommending this book to any and all who listen. Bravo Kim Vogel Sawyer!! I look forward to reading all of your other books!!!

Good Night and Happy Reading!!!!! 🙂

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room for hope

WebMD certifiably crazy….

I love WebMD, I really do, but it is seriously the Twilight Zone. I go on there to try to figure out what is wrong with my kids or myself and I come off of it worse for the wear. Then I scour the internet to find more information about the deadly disease that we may all have. It is a downward spiral that needs to stop! Lol, but it won’t, I am an overprotective mother who needs to know what is happening at that very second. It never fails my kids always get hurt or sick on a Friday evening. So then I have the entire weekend to work myself into hysteria, continuing to search for that dreaded outcome that I know I will find if I just continue to look. I will eventually find what is wrong with us, even if it’s miles from the truth.

Monday morning go to the Dr., because I have successfully freaked myself out, convinced that I know what I am talking about because I used WebMD for goodness sakes! Then it turns out we are already over it or are already past the worst of whatever virus/illness they or myself has had.

It never fails, whatever is going on with us is never what WebMD says it was and then I feel like a crazy person that should have known better! 🙂

In all actuality WebMD is a useful and helpful tool when used in the correct manner and not by a psycho mommy that needs answers immediately.

So in the future, I will try not to go overboard but really there are no guarantees in the life of a crazy mommy. 🙂 As always take what the internet says lightly, it is not the root of truth but rather the root of all evil.

Goodnight fellow bloggers/readers, try not to be drawn in by the allure of WebMD. 😉





For the Love of Spring

I LOVE SPRING! It is so amazing to feel the warm breeze and to see the beautiful flowers sprouting up everywhere.

Unfortunately, Spring HATES me! My allergies are horrible year round, but with all of the lovely pollen floating through the air this time of year I feel like I should be in a bubble. Sneeze…..sneeze……sneeze…cough……cough……cough. ACHOOOOOOOOO! That is my life, day in and day out during spring. 🙂 To make myself feel better I choose to look at all that God has given us and cherish each warm pollen filled breeze and every beautiful pollen filled flower. I choose to capture those moments with my favorite camera, my trusty Nikon. (I have dabbled in photography for years and love the ability to capture a fleeting moment in history) The past will always be in the past, the moments soaring by can never be recaptured. The ability to take a photograph and cherish the moment and the picture all at once is an amazing feeling. So here are a few pictures I have captured the past few weeks! Hope you ENJOY! 🙂 More to come soon!!!







“Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer

I am currently involved in a wonderful women’s bible study! It is so great to meet up and have that awesome bonding, sharing and God time!!! Even when we don’t get to meet because of our crazy schedules, we are still all there for each other in prayer and that is a great feeling! Women of God!! We stand together! 🙂

We are currently reading “The Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer

It is so great! It absolutely just speaks to me, I am wowed by each chapter and depth that she goes into to convey her message. It definitely is a very hard core study, one that takes a bit of time to complete each chapter of each week. We are currently on week 6 and I am sad that it is nearly over. Her love for God and her family shows so much in each video session. She makes me strive to be closer to God, to take more time to be truly with God, each and every day. The actionable Intel at the end of each chapter is a great way to really connect with the message and to help you remember what the most important items from each section.

“Faith is acting like it is so, even when it is not so, so that it might be so, simply because God said so.” I love this quote from Priscilla’s Dad. It is exceptional and it is the true meaning of faith. Even if you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there and not tangible. Faith is God and God is Faith.

I love the way she describes the armor of God as actual pieces of clothing that has to be put on in order to be one with God. Each piece of armor is not complete without the rest and that is seriously how your relationship with God should be.  The way she explains how the devil is constantly out to destroy you was eye opening for me. I had never stopped and really thought about how the devil was affecting my life. He was getting at me through the people that surrounded me, through fights with members of my family and friends, and through difficulties that I was going through. I either blamed them or myself, and I never once considered the devil. That chapter was so heart-wrenchingly good for me to read. I have now stepped back and reconsidered all the bad things that had happened to me, it wasn’t my fault or that of any other person, it was the devil and he was trying to take me down. So please don’t place blame on anyone for the bad things in your life, you know who it is. So gird your loins with the belt of truth and don’t go down swinging without God and that sword of the Spirit on your side. And don’t forget your helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith and shod those feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, put on that armor one piece at a time and take your relationship with him to a new deeper level. God is good, so very very good and he is there for us all the time!

Feel free to comment your review of this awesome book!

If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you check it out!  A link to the book is below!


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Review of the “Mapmakers Children”

This book was amazing! It was really hard for me to get into for the first 5-6 chapters but once you finally get into the flow of the story and understand what is going on it was a “have-to-finish now” situation! The reason that I was unable to follow the story until that far into the book was because the author had several characters that were involved in the main plot line. So those first few chapters had me scratching my head as to who that person was and what part do they have in the overall story-line. Another reason for my dislike of the first few chapters was that it was an alternating story in each chapter. One chapter started out in the 1800’s setting up the story for what was to come and give you the background of how the whole story would eventually tie together. The second chapter was in the year 2014 with entirely different characters and an entirely different situation going on. I really had to force myself to get through these first chapters. There was so much information packed into these opening chapters that it was really confusing and made me not want to keep reading. But I am so glad that I powered through and finished the book!! Once you get past the opening introductions of the intertwining stories, it is truly a magical, eye opening story. The amount of sorrow that the Brown family endures trying to help those in need of safety during times of slavery is heartbreaking. It is interesting how each of them coped with the loss of their beloved father. How they coped with sickness that had no cure at the time, the battles, the secrecy and the constant threat on their lives. The way she sets up the story so that the end you have this feeling of closure; the questions everyone have are answered and there is simply this relief that washes over you as the story ends. There is a happy ending for everyone. It is truly amazing! I laughed, I cried and I was angry throughout the entire book. I fell in love with both the past and the present characters and found myself immersed in each of their worlds. I lost myself in their sorrows and their triumphs, rooting for everything to turn out just how it was supposed to be. My heart broke for the characters, but was uplifted by the overall message of the book. Never give up.. That is really what this book is about, overcoming the odds and never giving up! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, with the disclaimer: If you get past the informative chapters, it will steal your heart! A very well written book that needs to be in your to-read stack!!!!




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Pinterest love!

I mean seriously who doesn’t LOVE Pinterest!!?!?!?!?!? I do!!! 🙂 AND I know lots of you guys do too!

I always pin a million things and then most of the time I never look at them again. Or while I’m scrolling through my pinned items, I think why the hell did I ever pin that in the first place?!? I mean really will I ever do that? LOL! I do get a lot of good ideas on Pinterest, and the kids seem to enjoy most of the experiments or crafts that we decide to do. But sometimes it doesn’t always work out, that is evident for many people given the many Pinterest fail pictures on the internet! Some of those are priceless!!! 🙂

Like this morning, my kiddos were bored and were wanting to make something new! So we started out with some coffee playdough fun (found here) with some random toys and dinosaurs. It was a great recipe and the kids had so much fun playing with it! But it only lasted about 20 minutes!

Here are some pics of the fun:





So then next we tried this sparkly dough recipe (thinking it would work better!)

This one didn’t even make it out of the kitchen lol! It said to use a gel baffe or an inside of a diaper which would work either way! Well, fail!!! An inside of a diaper does not work!!! LOL! It was nothing but a big mess, the pictures on her blog were super cool and it looked like a ton of fun but unfortunately the diaper insides DO NOT WORK!!! I would recommend buying the gel baffe off of Amazon or the fake snow.

My New Obsession!!! Bible Journaling

I don’t know if you are all up to date with all the amazing new trends out there! I know I’m not! BUT, one of the ones I have seen is Bible Journaling!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!

Soooooo……I bought what I thought that I wanted right before Christmas and unfortunately it was not what I wanted (online purchases sometimes don’t come as expected!!). So I left it  to sit in a drawer unused and unloved. THEN… day at our local coffee shop I found an awesome bible that was just what I wanted! It was beautiful, had a cover that was silky soft and beautifully decorated in flowers of all colors, a bird and a butterfly and to top it off it had pre-decorated pages ready for coloring inside! I was a little taken aback as I turned this gorgeous bible over and seen how much it cost. I’m a cheapskate sometimes, which is not surprising if you know what it’s like to live on a teacher’s salary. (that’s a whole different blog post that I’ll rant about later) But this bible called my name for weeks as it set on this beautiful display surrounded by other coffee related items and Francine Rivers books (also another favorite author). Each time I went to visit the shop for a nice cup of hot joe, it stared at me beckoning me to touch its silky smooth cover and fill it with my favorite passages in the wide note spaces on each side of the delicate pages.

Soooooo did I buy it??????

Of course I did! But not until almost a month after I first laid eyes on this beauty!!! It’s amazing and worth every penny. It has been such fun so far reading the easy to read passages (it’s an NLT version, which I have never had and it’s awesome!!) and coloring a few pages. Of course I haven’t made it too far yet. Kids and such, you know make it difficult!

So here are few of the beautiful pages for your viewing pleasure!!! If you are interested in purchasing these beauties they are available on Amazon for a bit cheaper, but they are currently on back order. (THIS IS A NLT VERSION, IT IS AVAILABLE IN OTHER VERSIONS AS WELL)

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