That moment…

That moment when you wake up in the middle of the night because you have to go pee and you’re trying to be quiet but no matter what you do, you can’t. There’s a Lego here, a stuffed animal there, it’s seriously like a minefield. Oops watch out for that talking Buzz Lightyear, you might wake the kids. Or that dog foot you just stepped on and they yelp so loudly that you’d think you chopped their toe off. And then the other dog that you walk by and they jump up all excited like “where you going, watcha doing, can I come too?”. Then when you finally make it to the bathroom and you haven’t woken up the husband or kids you know you’ve made it, success!! AND then you’ve forgotten why you came to the bathroom in the first place. Was it really worth all that effort just to have to repeat the process on the way back to bed. But alas you remember “oh yeah! I have to pee!” This ladies and gentlemen is what I call the getting older, going crazy mommy brain. (it’s also the too many antihistamines brain! Those allergies are killer right now)

Kids you gotta love them legos and all! 😀


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