Review of The Reef by Nora Roberts

This is a story that truly jumps off the pages! It submerges you in a world of exotic sea life, tight bonds of family, love, scandal and the power of true loyalty. This book had me captivated from the very beginning. Amazing writing skills and the magical world that Nora Roberts sends you to makes this one of my favorite books. I am a sea and science lover myself, so undoubtedly this book spoke to me in more ways than one and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for me, the way she describes the undersea life and the excitement that the team has for discovering the majestic and magnificent pieces of history make it hard to put the book down! I literally finished the book in three days, it sounds like a long time but for me it was a very short period of time with a house full of kiddos!!!! Even now that I have finished the book I am still reliving the events from the book in my mind. How did they feel when they uncovered a piece of jewelry, what was it like for them to watch the fish in the coral reefs, what was it like to touch that piece of gold and how tiring was it to work so much under water. My brain is literally tearing the story apart piece by piece reveling in all the facts and finds, I really got lost in this world and am still enjoying living there for just a little bit longer!

The characters themselves have so much personality and makes you feel like you know personally as well. Tate is a hard core worker who only has the preservation of the artifacts on her mind, she is not in it for the money. Matthew is someone you fall in love with from the very first time we meet him. First a young boy going through a tragedy that sets the stage for the whole book. You feel so sorry for him and know that he is a lost soul looking for someone to guide him. Buck and Ray are up there in my favorite category, they are both older men who have never really grown up. They are both so young at heart and their friendship is one that can stand the test of time and makes you hope for that kind of friendship in your own life (if you don’t already have it!). They are fun and carefree, yet they are hard workers that will give you a run for your money. Now I don’t want to forget Marla! She is so sweet with her Southern hospitality, the hard worker who stays out of the ocean, it is simply not her cup of tea! 🙂 She’s amazing and wise beyond her years saving the whole crew in more ways than one. She will definitely steal your heart! LaRue is a tricky one for sure, but he is as lovable as it can get and loyal til the very end. Last but certainly not least Silas Vandyke. He is the crazy, sociopath that you will love to hate! He takes his role as the villain seriously and makes you loathe him throughout the entire book. He is always in the background waiting to pounce.


Overall a fantastic read! I enjoyed every minute of it and I hope that you do too!!!!

That moment…

That moment when you wake up in the middle of the night because you have to go pee and you’re trying to be quiet but no matter what you do, you can’t. There’s a Lego here, a stuffed animal there, it’s seriously like a minefield. Oops watch out for that talking Buzz Lightyear, you might wake the kids. Or that dog foot you just stepped on and they yelp so loudly that you’d think you chopped their toe off. And then the other dog that you walk by and they jump up all excited like “where you going, watcha doing, can I come too?”. Then when you finally make it to the bathroom and you haven’t woken up the husband or kids you know you’ve made it, success!! AND then you’ve forgotten why you came to the bathroom in the first place. Was it really worth all that effort just to have to repeat the process on the way back to bed. But alas you remember “oh yeah! I have to pee!” This ladies and gentlemen is what I call the getting older, going crazy mommy brain. (it’s also the too many antihistamines brain! Those allergies are killer right now)

Kids you gotta love them legos and all! 😀

A long journey ahead….

First off, HELLO!! I am new to this blogger world and I am sorry if I may seem a bit Crazy!!! It’s because I am 😉 I have a house full, I love books, I have a vivid imagination, several hobbies, I’m an avid project starter (takes me forever to finish anything), animal lover, movie watcher and kid wrangler. I am a stay at home mom. All in all I have too many things to do and too many things I want to do! I try to be an avid reader or an amateur artist but sometimes it’s not so easy! Truly I do, I try to make time for the things I love. But lets face it, with 3 kids, a husband who works more than full time and our own little zoo (more on that later), it is so hard to find time for myself. When I do have time (you know after the kids go to bed) I usually, more often than not, go to bed too. Sad story….Right? 😉


Well to wrap it up:

I am a first time blogger and if no one sees or even reads my blog I really wont be all that torn up about it.

This is really just an outlet for me to ramble my nonsensical bullshit, and to be honest I really hope someone does like it. AND maybe just maybe I might make a friend or two along the way.

My 5 favorite things in life are: Faith, Family, Food, Books, and Art

I really do hope to have some readers at some point, so I’m not the crazy lady who just rambles on and on and pretends like someone is actually listening. (technically, at this point I’m just talking to myself. AND I really am not embarrassed by that fact!)

Good day and God bless!